Coronation Street Rovers Return product placement

The Rovers Return is for sale — product placement on Coronation Street

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Fans of Coronation Street should look out — the Rovers Return goes on sale this summer. Cue some product placement…

TV today announces a new Product Placement partnership with Purplebricks as The Rovers Return goes on the market. The tech-led estate agent’s signage will appear on building this summer as Johnny puts the pub up for sale after realising his marriage to Jenny is over.

This is the first time that ITV has launched a short-term product placement partnership linked to a storyline.

First broadcast in 1960, Coronation Street is the longest-running soap in the world and the most watched soap in Britain. Product placement (PP) was introduced on television in the UK in 2011 and ITV led the way with the very first PP on British screens. In the same year the first peak time product placement was introduced in Coronation Street and in 2018 ITV unveiled its biggest product placement on British TV with Costa Coffee and Co-op storefronts as part of the new extended Weatherfield set.

Iain MacLeod, Coronation Street Series Producer, notes:

“The upcoming story around the sale of the Rovers Return stems from something exciting that happens between Jenny and Johnny – but it also led to an exciting opportunity to team up with Purplebricks to sell the nation’s most iconic pub. The presence of a real Purplebricks sign outside adds a little bit of extra realism to a really relatable story between two of our best-loved characters.”

Product placement is less-explored in the UK compared to the US, and commercial TV continually develops its revenue streams. It’s here to stay and viewers need to be cognisant of why certain things are on screen. We wonder what level of script influence Purplebricks has, and imagine any delays with the sale won’t be their responsibility! You can read more about this in the ITV announcement.