Scoop - Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis & Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew

Scoop – trailer for Netflix’s Prince Andrew interview film

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The drama stars Gillian Anderson, Billie Piper and Rufus Sewell. 

Ahead of its Friday, 5th April launch, Netflix have dropped the trailer for its Prince Andrew interview film Scoop. In that infamous interview, the Prince sat down with BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis to refute allegations linking him to Jeffery Epstein and an alleged sexual assault.

Scoop -  Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew & Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis
Scoop: Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis & Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew (c) Netflix

The result was a PR nightmare, containing a bizarre alibi placing him at a Pizza Express in Woking. Oh, and the revelation that the Prince apparently doesn’t sweat.

Scoop: Billie Piper as Sam McAllister
Billie Piper as Sam McAllister (c) Netflix

Drawn from the memoir of producer Sam McAllister, Scoop promises the inside track on how the remarkable interview came about. Gillian Anderson will play Emily Maitlis, while Rufus Sewell is Prince Andrew. McAllister herself is played by Billie Piper.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Inspired by real events, Scoop is the inside account of the tenacious journalism that landed an earthshattering interview – Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC Newsnight appearance. From the tension of producer Sam McAlister’s high stakes negotiations with Buckingham Palace, all the way to Emily Maitlis’ jaw dropping, forensic showdown with the Prince, Scoop takes us inside the story, with the women who would stop at nothing to get it. To get an interview this big, you have to be bold.

Alongside Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell and Billie Piper, the film is studded with familiar names.

Charity Wakefield plays Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Beatrice, while Romola Garai is Newsnight Editor Esme Wren. Plus, Amanda Redman plays McAlister’s mother, Conor Swindells is photographer Jae Donnelly and Keeley Hawes appears as Prince Andrew’s former private secretary Amanda Thirsk. Scoop‘s director is Philip Martin (The Crown).

A Very Royal Scandal

Scoop isn’t the only dramatization of these events incoming – Blueprint Pictures have a three-part drama on the way for Prime Video. A Very Royal Scandal stars Ruth Wilson as Maitlis, with Michael Sheen playing Prince Andrew.