Turns out Paul Kaye is a big Dot Cotton fan

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Paul Kaye sprung to fame as Dennis Pennis back in the 1990s, but in recent years, his acting work has seen him take on roles in the likes of Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, Matilda the Musical, and the returning to Dave comedy, Zapped.

In a terrific interview with Den Of Geek, he’s been chatting about his work too. And in it, he talks about his time on an episode of EastEnders. He was playing opposite June Brown in the 2007 episode, Brown of course being better known to most of Britain as Dot Cotton. And he recalls just how good she was to work with.

“We were late on set because she had a real issue with some of the lines and I remember hearing quite lively discussions going on next-door to me”, he recalled. “She still really gave a shit about everything that Dot Cotton was about and wouldn’t go on set until she was absolutely satisfied that the dialogue was right for her, which I just thought was amazing, having done it for twenty-five, thirty years, she still cared passionately about her character”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he reckons June Brown is “amazing”. We concur.

You can see Kaye in the second series of Zapped, that’s on Dave on Thursday nights, and can also be seen on UKTV Play to stream.

Den Of Geek.