Watch Neil Gaiman read deleted scenes from the Good Omens TV show

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Back in July, author Neil Gaiman gave fans a sneaky preview of his TV script for Good Omens…

Gaiman appeared in person in Dallas, answering questions from fans and reading short stories and excerpts from his books. At some point, Gaiman fielded a question about the cast for Narrativia, the BBC and Amazon’s incoming adaptation of Good Omens, the Just William-gone apocalyptic comic novel that he wrote with Terry Pratchett.

At the time Gaiman said a press release was imminent and that would reveal the lucky actors, but we’re now looking back from long after the “four or five days” Gaiman mentioned, and the press release still hasn’t appeared. Seems like some contract somewhere is proving harder to sign than had been anticipated.

Anyway, to help us pass the time until the cast are up and in the limelight, here’s more on Good Omens from the same night in Dallas. Gaiman read some scenes from one of his TV scripts, announcing that they have already been cut. Of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting, and they’re certainly funny.

That’s the cut stuff. Talk about your good omens. You know, I’ll probably spend the rest of my life pining for the unmade Terry Gilliam feature film of Good Omens but I do still hope the TV show lives up to the tremendous book. There’s no reason it shouldn’t.

I’m going to bet that Charlotte Ritchie will reprise the role of Anathema Device in the TV show, having already played her in the BBC Radio adaptation. Other than that… I can’t even guess. Hopefully the promised cast list isn’t too distant now. Whenever it lands, you know where you’ll be able to find it.