‘Supernatural’: Season 3 DVD review

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Sam and Dean Winchester return for a third season as the brothers with a knack for invoking angry spirits that would be better kept under lock and key, as a death sentence hangs over one of them from the Season 2 finale.

The Winchester curse began when their father became convinced that their mother’s disappearance was connected to the unknown spirit realm, ergo their adult lives carry that filial obligation (briefly derailed when Sam flirted with a normal life replete with other half). However, when Dad goes missing, their day-to-day encounters seem to feature more than their fair share of spectral activity.

The highlights of the season are undoubtedly those episodes that shrug the insular world of the family bonds and allow other characters to come to prominence: ‘Bedtime Stories’ features manifestations of where The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel enlist the brothers to ensure that Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White have happy endings. ‘Mystery Spot’ features Sam living through the possible threat to Dean on the same impending day over and over, Groundhog Day-style, while the season’s Christmas special (‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’) features an interesting take on the Santa Claus legend. Two new regular cast members (Ruby, a former witch, and Bela, who seems to exist just to taunt the brothers) are a solid addition to the existing cast.

The writers strike could have done for Supernatural‘s third season as it did to so many other equally competent programmes (yes, we’re looking at you, Heroes and Prison Break), yet this 16 episode arc (as opposed to the planned 21) has enough of a blend of horror and comedy to ensure anticipation for the upcoming Season 4.

Released on DVD on 25th August 2008 by Warner Home Video.