‘Boy Meets Girl’ Episode 4 review: Judy’s past comes back to haunt Leo

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So, we are now past the half way point in BBC Two’s new sitcom, Boy Meets Girl.

This is reflected in the relationship between Leo and Judy in that now they have decided to take the plunge and sleep together. Pam and Tony are going away on a romantic night together and Jamie (Leo’s brother) is helping Peggy with some cake deliveries. The stage is all set for a night of romance between Leo and Judy. Of course with this being the world of television, things don’t run quite so smoothly!

The episode begins with Pam doing Judy’s hair. It is clear that although Pam claims to like Judy, she still feels the need to protect her territory. Judy is closer to her age than Leo’s and as such there is perhaps a sense of needing to claim dominance from Pam’s point of view. Because of this, Judy leaves the salon by the back door looking like a cross between Helena Bonham Carter and the Bride of Frankenstein!

Meanwhile, Leo is practising his big date with Jamie standing in for Judy. Leo is pretty nervous about the upcoming date and Jamie does nothing to steady his nerves by being…well Jamie.

While he does offer light relief, Jamie can often veer onto the wrong side of annoying. He does come across as a genuine character though and his heart is obviously in the right place.

Boy Meets Girl James (JONNY DIXON)

As the big night approaches, Leo and Jamie head to Judy’s and Leo begins leafing through some old photos. Sure enough he comes across one of Judy as she used to be. Although Leo had claimed to be fine about the whole trans thing, it’s clear that for him it was the past. He didn’t know her then so it didn’t affect him However, seeing Judy as a man brought that past right into the present and as such it made Leo think seriously about who and what Judy used to be.

“There’s knowing and there’s…. knowing”.

This causes Leo and Judy to have an argument which kinda results in a mini break-up, with Judy moping around her mum’s house and Leo listening to his break-up songs.

Meanwhile, on Tony and Pam’s romantic break, it becomes clear that Tony is aware of Judy’s past when Pam begins questioning why Judy still lives at home with her mum and why she has no real career. While Tony is obviously aware that Judy has had a sex change, Pam assumes that she has been in prison.

If this little conversation only alluded to Tony’s knowledge about Judy’s past then he actually states his knowledge on his and Pam’s return to the house. While trying to talk some sense into Leo he remarks “You’ve got to be sure Leo because she’s been through a lot, Judy, hasn’t she?”

Boy Meets Girl  Pam (DENISE WELCH)

This little conversation marks Tony out as a bit of a model father. While Judy may not have been in his top five choices for Leo, it is obvious that she makes Leo happy and that is all that matters. It doesn’t matter about who she was or is. All that matters to Tony is if Leo thinks that she is the one.

“What matters is if you feel Judy’s the one, if you’re sure about it, then you can’t beat around the bush. For her sake!”

While not one of the strongest episodes, Episode 4 is one of the more important.

Now that Tony knows, it is surely only a matter of time before the rest of Leo’s family cotton on to Judys big secret. While Tony may have been calm about it, it’s difficult to picture Pam having a similarly calm and collected reaction!


Aired at 9.30pm on Thursday 24 September 2015 on BBC Two.

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