‘Conviction’ review: Hayley Atwell stars in new US legal drama

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For all the fans of the crime and punishment genre, a new television series can be seen on ABC every Monday night called Conviction.

The series takes place in New York City with Eddie Cahill playing the part of Conner Wallace the district attorney creating a new unit known as the Conviction Integrity Unit and wanting Hayley Atwell playing as Hayes Morrison to head the new unit. This new unit will go through old court cases to determine if any of the prosecutions put innocent suspects in prison.

Morrison is not interested in leading the team but due to her scandalous activities of the past put her in the right position for being blackmailed. It does not help that she is the daughter of a former president and her mother is running for the Senate.

Even her law school credentials that show she was top in her class cannot overshadow her bad behavior. Wallace knows what triggers to pull to get her to do just as he wants or he could spill the beans on all of her sleazy background and even recent discolored activity. Due to wanting to keep a lid on her reckless behavior, she concedes to lead the team. Of course, there is more to their relationship or was at one time which puts an awkwardness between the two along with a few heated scenes.

On top of all this that makes you wonder about the past and just how bad Morrison truly is, you get caught up fast in the action of the team as they must investigate and resolve each case in only five days. As the clock ticks, you will be on your seat wondering if the case will be solved or if the side activities will be hindering the investigations.

Morrison’s team of forensic scientists, detectives, and lawyers (Merrin Dungey, Manny Montana, Emily Kinney, and Shawn Ashmore) which also have their own issues, motives, and tension with other members of the staff.

All of these components, create a type of soap opera drama that you just have to keep watching to learn what will happen next. If you really love crime drama’s, then you may wish to learn about no win no fee in personal injury. Crime dramas are exciting and if you learn more about the law on your own, you can actually know what the team is talking about and how they determine if a suspect is innocent or guilty as well as the legal way they will proceed.

When you learn terminology and other law information, Conviction will have new meaning and you will certainly want to tune in every week to see the side activities of the team as well as see if you can solve the case before the team. With the right information, you may resolve the case before the team can even get started. Then you can just sit back and see how the solve the case.

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