‘Crazyhead’ Episode 2 review: ‘A Pine Fresh Scent’ is big on revelations

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Howard Overman clearly loves a good grave digging.

Just like the early episodes of his other E4 hit Misfits, this week we find our main characters getting rid of a corpse under cover of nightfall. Deliberate running trend or just a bit of a coincidence? We may never know…

What we do know though is that said-grave digging does lead into a great second episode, one that answers some of our burning questions and leaves us with plenty more at the same time. After burying poor unfortunate Suzanne (Riann Steele), Amy and Raquel find themselves with little time to recuperate when Callum Weaver (Tony Curran) sends members of his demon gang hunting for their mysterious ally, Sawyer (Luke Allen-Gale).

Episode 2 is big on revelations, with the mystery of Sawyer and Raquel’s relationship put to rest, both figuratively and literally. Sawyer turning out to be Raquel’s demon daddy is certainly not what we expected, nor did we expect Raquel to be half-demon with crazy powers and abilities either.

It’s nice that Crazyhead has so far refused to go down the more obvious path (it could have been so easy for Sawyer to just be a boyfriend type for Raquel), and it gives us a window into Raquel’s beginnings and motivation. It certainly allows the excellent Susan Wokoma plenty of great moments to play with, at any rate.

Crazyhead - Cara Theobold, Susan Wokoma and Lewis Reeves)

However, the death of Sawyer just two episodes in is a shame, shocking as it is. His death at the hand of a shard of ice and a demon ritual does reek of missed opportunities for character development. Then again, this is Raquel and Amy’s show, not his. Plus, it does allow Overman to paint the demons as a real threat early on, which will almost certainly add a good sense of tension to later episodes.

Amy’s wisecracking buddy Jake also gets bought further into the story this week, with his discovery of Amy and Raquel’s demon hunting.

So far Jake’s merely been present for a bit of light comic relief, but here’s hoping he’ll be taking a more active role in future events, especially seeing as the talented Lewis Reeves has been brilliant with the little drama the script has afforded him so far.

Crazyhead - Cara Theobold, Susan Wokoma and Lewis Reeves)

The humour is on-point again this episode, with some fantastic lines being thrown around, many of which too rude to repeat here, with the highlight almost certainly being Callum’s demon assassin having to arrange babysitter overtime before she can head out to murder Sawyer.

It’s the humour that keeps the whole show and its characters grounded in reality, which certainly says a lot about Overman’s gift of the gab when half the cast are demonic bad guys from the depths of hell.

As it stands, Episode 2 offers all the laughs and action the show served up last week, whilst also sprinkling on an intriguing glimpse at the mythology of the show for good measure.

Ending on a heck of a cliffhanger, it’s fair to say that Crazyhead has been anything but predictable thus far.


Aired at 9pm on Wednesday 26 October 2016 on E4.

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