‘Home Fires’ Season 2 Episode 6 recap: The women are in full swing

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Soldiers search the farm for the deserter. Steph discovers that Sarah is harboring him at the vicarage. Sarah tells her that she’s been guided by what Adam would do.

“Give the boy time to rest, come to his senses, and then hand himself in.” Steph doesn’t agree and turns the boy in. Sarah’s actions cause a rift between her and the Wing Commander as he declares he’ll never trust her again.

Miriam forms a local chapter of the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association. She breaks down during her welcoming remarks to the earnest group gathered in her living room and David steps in. “War isn’t just about the lads that go off and fight. It’s about the families we leave behind and we all go through it together.” An attractive young woman in the audience is smitten with him. We’re counting on Laura to bolster his confidence so he can do something about it.

Frances struggles with her fears that her factory will be shuttered and she’ll be thrown in jail. She’s coping with Noah by ignoring him. Joyce encounters Spencer and the boy delivering the mail and puts two and two together. She confirms her suspicions by consulting the journal she confiscated from Jenny.

Instead of using her newfound knowledge to undermine her once-time enemy, she commends Frances for taking Noah in. She brings Frances an old tin of her son’s toy soldiers and we see Frances’ heart begin to melt toward the boy.


Meanwhile, the women are in full swing, planning the wedding of Teresa and the WC. During a private moment between the lady pilot and Teresa, the woman remarks that she understands Teresa’s decision to take refuge in marriage but warns, “If you’re going to marry Nick, be certain you can make him happy. Because if you can’t be certain all you’ll achieve is to make two very lovely people extremely miserable.” Well said.

Bob Simms receives his handsome advance for his novel and switches between cajoling and coercion in his efforts to control Pat. He follows Pat and discovers the hiding place that she and Marek use for their letters, intercepting their correspondence.

Frances finally learns about Alison’s involvement in the demise of her factory. She’s not in the mood to listen to Alison’s apology. “I have lost everything. Everything. Every—single—thing. First through Peter and now through you.”

HOME Fires 2 6  ALEXANDRE WILLAUME as Marek Novotny

The WC says his “I do” and Teresa, after an uncomfortable pause, follows suit. Mim goes into labor and the Brindsley’s, the Campbells, and Joyce slip out of church to attend to the birth. Meanwhile, Marek paces along the river, waiting for the rendezvous with Pat that will never take place.

We’re treated to the wedding dance between a reluctant bride and a misinformed bridegroom, surrounded by people at odds with each other. Frances and Alison are in opposite corners and Pat and Bob get into an argument that we’re amazed no one notices. The best moment of the episode comes when Pat tells him, “I’ve had enough….Of you. I’m going to leave.”

Pat races into the street as a heartbroken Marek pulls out of town and a damaged plane careens straight for the village. The episode closes as the wreckage burns and a baby cries. Did Bryn and the others die in the crash?

Next season can’t come soon enough!

Aired at 9pm on Sunday 8 May 2016 on ITV.

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