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‘The Halcyon’ recap: Our suspicions about D’Abbeville are confirmed in Episode 7

November of 1940 finds the Halcyon on the eve of its 50th anniversary celebration—and under the evil shadow of Lucian D’Abbeville. Our suspicions are confirmed—he’s selling information about transatlantic convoys and departure dates. As his contact observes, “You’re not a man complicated by ideology.” Richard Garland puts Emma in charge of the festivities to mark … >

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‘The Halcyon’ recap: Episode 6 boasts some brilliant performances

Brilliant writing, brought to life by fine acting, shines in the sixth episode of ITV’s new hotel drama. We’re now in October of 1940 and we’re focused on the nighttime exploits of the inhabitants of the Halcyon. Emma joins the Women’s Voluntary Services and provides tea to overworked firefighters and escorts the injured to medical … >

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‘The Halcyon’ recap: The show must go on in Episode 5

September 1940 finds the Halcyon catering to its well-healed guests as if the war wasn’t happening. As German bombers approach London, the kitchen staff is in full swing, preparing a wedding dinner and lamenting the lack of geese to use in the main course. Little do they know that the entre will soon be the … >

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‘The Halcyon’ recap: Joe has a decision to make in Episode 4

It’s now August of 1940 and Americans are leaving London—and the Halcyon—in droves. German propaganda leaflets are being dropped along the coast and dogfights are taking place in the air above the hotel. Rather than run for cover, the intrepid Brits stand in the street and applaud RAF victories. Joe O’Hara’s boss has offered him … >

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