‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Episode 4 review: ‘The Calyx’ is the best ep so far

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Everything comes together this week in the best episode of the Jekyll and Hyde so far.

In my last couple of reviews, I noted how I hoped the series would move forward with its overarching story rather than just keep the various subplots boiling over. Thankfully, my prayers have been answered this week as the fourth episode is a thrilling and fast-paced hour which drives the series along by miles.

And it might not be a complete coincidence that the quality improves in an episode that gives us a lot more of Hyde. In contrast to the previous use of him as Jekyll’s muscle, only turning up when Robert was caught in a fight, Tom Bateman is in Hyde mode for most of the episode.

The character is also portrayed better here – refusing to join the Tenebrae not because he is on the side of good but because he is his own force of nature who doesn’t like to “join any clubs.”

Jekyll and Hyde 1 4 ENZO CLIENTI as Captain Dance

Speaking of the Tenebrae, another ongoing quibble is answered as we finally get a definition of their overall goal in this episode – they want Hyde to help them resurrect a Lovecraftian beastie, the curiously-named Lord Trash. And in a shocking twist we (apparently) lost Captain Dance – who seemed to be in place as the series’ big bad.

While it was a nicely surprising turn of events, if Dance is indeed dead let’s hope whoever takes up his mantle will do as good a job as Enzo Cilenti, who delivered a great performance that perfectly matched the tone of the show.

The third thing that needed to happen this week and did was more scenes between Hyde and Bella – who here enjoy the beginnings of what looks to be a more fulfilling romance than Jekyll and Lily’s.

To see how well-suited they are you have to look no further than the fun scene where the pair of them discuss Robert’s love life woes while at the same time beating up some heavies.

Jekyll and Hyde 1 4 NATALIE GUMEDE as Bella

Overall, this was a greatly enjoyable episode which saw the series suddenly put its skates on and make some brave decisions – such as cleverly ditching the half-baked monster-of-the-week element of last episode and just letting Hyde and Dance go at it, rather than saving that for later. Amongst the fights, we also had the start of a battle for Robert’s soul, between the Tenebrae and MIO.

Which way will it go? Who can tell – but if the quality continues at this level, I’m excited to find out.

Airs at 7pm on Sunday 22 November 2015 on ITV.

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