‘Miranda’: Series 3 Episode 1 review

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The award-winning Miranda Hart returns after too long a gap (two years!!) with the third series of her self-styled sitcom, Miranda. And it kicks off in grand style with a delicious Christmas episode (which will probably seem old hat by Boxing Day, when it airs).

Though having said that, this latest instalment isn’t that Christmassy (certainly compared to the previous festive special) and concentrates on the shocking news that Miranda’s shop has gone under (I blame David Cameron personally). Even more shocking is the fact that she and Gary are still “just friends”.

To add further mire (or mirth depending on how you look at it), the large lovely was accidentally featured in a local news report on obesity on television – cue guffaws from all who watched. Stevie, played by the diminutive Sarah Hadland, goes all meta on us stating, “Of all the people to get on the telly, you! Really weird!” Cue knowing look to camera. Brilliant.

Due to her comically poor buying skills (which gets a delightful pay off in the end), the shop has had to close thus forcing Miranda into new employment – the horrors of office admin! Predictably, these moments include the highlights from the episode. The fish-out-of-water stuff is an absolute treat; Hart is in her element with the typical pratfalls, physical gags and a lift encounter of the uncomfortable kind.

A clothing malfunction leads to some unusual and hilarious youth impersonations from the comedienne and, needless to say, she doesn’t last long in her new employment. It’s a pity this idea wasn’t taken further as a whole episode could have been given over to the office-based fun.

Add to this, a tremendous turn from Jason Watkins (Being Human) as a Business Manager featuring scenes full of misunderstandings; obvious misunderstandings, yes. But all the more gigglesome for it. There’s also a number of plots going on here: Miranda’s relationship with Gary; her falling out with Stevie, the shop going under, the obesity report and a disastrous visit to Eaters Anonymous. It’s a packed episode (perhaps a little too packed.)

If you’re not already a fan of the show, then this will hardly change your opinion; it’s very much in the mould of its predecessors. Fans will be happy though may be a tad sad to see the lack of Clive, who was played with such vivacity by James Holmes, who is absent from this episode.

Miranda is back and on top form (not that she ever lost it) pleasing young and old alike with clever writing, silly slapstick and delightful performances. And we’ll wager that ‘Biscuit Blizzard’ will be the new craze sweeping the nation within hours.

Airs at 9pm on Wednesday 26 December 2012 on BBC One.

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