‘Red Dwarf’: Series X Episode 4 review

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Coincidences, irony, gambling, health and safety protocols and a desperate mission to free Lister from a groin exploder (it does exactly what it says it will) lead the remaining crew of Red Dwarf on another adventure through space as a routine gamble for Lister goes horribly, horribly wrong.

A bit of gambling with a group of lowlife aliens known as Beggs, leads to a few losses for Lister (Craig Charles) as he stands to not only lose Starbug, but also Rimmer (Chris Barrie) as well. But his losses are the least of his worries, as the Beggs fit him with a groin exploder to ensure they get the winnings.

Elsewhere Cat (Danny John Jules) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) find themselves joined not physically, but mentally, as a series of seemingly bizarre coincidences bring about more than a few problems for the team.

Being fitted with a groin exploder would be an upsetting concept for any person, but in Red Dwarf, this somewhat horrific torture seems almost normal when teamed with the rest of this episode’s happenings. From the long-awaited appearance of some other alien life forms, to the use of coincidences, clues and even a mysterious book, there’s just something about this episode that makes it so much more like the original series.

The humour, while sometimes a little obvious, is very funny, the plot is innovative and the journey that the characters go through not only has that trademark Dwarf cheek and charm, but also a few sprinkles of the series’ trademark surrealist wit. More of an adventure in space and science fiction than one in time and history, this episode of Red Dwarf feels like it’s just the beginning of a build up to what is very hopefully an exciting final few episodes in the present series.

Aired at 9pm on Thursday 25 October 2012 on Dave.

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