‘Red Dwarf’: Series X Episode 6 review

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It’s the final episode of the resurrected Red Dwarf, with a few unexpected visits and one or two flashbacks to Rimmer’s somewhat embarrassing past bringing this refreshingly upbeat and surprisingly strong series to an end.

A stolen map and the sudden arrival of some simulants intent on destroying Red Dwarf and all the crew who reside in her lead Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Cat (Danny John Jules), Lister (Craig Charles) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) on a journey of survival, chance and memory. But a revelation from Rimmer’s long-dead father soon takes the crew on a completely new course that takes everyone by surprise.

Red Dwarf X’s finale is, as you might expect, one that ties up some loose ends and sends the characters off into another direction. But, while the formula has been tried and tested, the episode is not only funny, but also gives much more depth to the characters of Cat and Rimmer. Cat, who it’s fair to say has been largely treated as more of a supporting character in this series, appears more in this episode than in any other, and he also delivers a monologue that causes the fate, and therefore, the lives of his fellow crew to change dramatically.

As for Rimmer, the use of flashbacks and the futility of Rimmer’s adolescence spent trying to please his father prove to be a turning point for the character. However, some question remain unanswered – what happened at the end of Series VIII, when Rimmer was confronted by Death himself? Where is Kochanski? Will they ever find her? Will there be another series?

While only time can tell, Red Dwarf, while obviously older and wiser, has managed to maintain that signature sense of rebellion and adventure that has set seen its appeal maintained over four decades.

Aired at 9pm on Thursday 8 November 2012 on Dave.

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