‘Sinbad’: Episode 10 review

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Given their track record, you would think Sinbad and the rest of the Providence would be more cautious about offering strangers a ride, considering that their last guest was none other than Death himself.

This week’s traveller, known only as the professor, is apparently more courteous, even going as far as to offer a small fortune to guarantee safe passage for herself and her mysterious luggage which is in fact a giant egg that would not look out of place in a Jurassic Park film.

The fact that all the crew seem to have forgotten what happened on the last occasion they let a stranger hitch a ride may not be deliberate, however, and if it was deliberate then who knows what the purpose was?

Either way, while you get the sense that the writers are clearly struggling for content in the lead up to the finale, it’s still enjoyable as the episode keeps a consistent dark tone but not without the quick-witted one liners we have come to expect from the series, although it has to be said that some feel out of place.

Just as Death befriended Nala the last time we came across this storyline, the professor has to take an apparent shine to one of the crew and not surprisingly, it is the fellow science nerd, Anwar.

We soon find out that the professor’s egg is part of an experiment to see if life itself can be manufactured from scratch but seeing as this reveal occurs only half an hour into the episode, it is pretty clear that there is something else going on and sure enough, it is more sinister than could possibly be imagined, by the crew at least.

The egg suddenly hatches and while what lies within does involve creating life, it also has a lot to do with ending it. The creature within the egg is a giant man-eating serpent and the climax, which sees an unexplained resignation of death from Cook and quick decision from everyone to stay with him until the bitter end, is very enjoyable.

Aired at 7pm on Sunday 9th September 2012 on Sky1.

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