‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Episode 6 review

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“It kind of makes sense, Once you get used to it…”

The sixth and final episode (for now) of ITV’s The Good Karma Hospital dawns with Dr Walker’s house being deluged by the first heavy rain of monsoon season.

“One never knows when the rain will come,” but nothing can dampen the spirits of the newly reunited couple Ruby and Marcus, the latter keen for them to take off, hit the road and explore India. Ruby’s request for leave does not go down well with a pensive Dr Fonseca.

Their working relationship already strained by events in last week’s episode, this request proves the final straw as Lydia tells her to leave permanently – “Why waste energy on someone with no intention of staying?” – much to the annoyance of a newly assertive Dr Nair – “Despite appearances, I’m still officially in charge” – who, even after her short time there, regards Ruby as an excellent clinician and tries unsuccessfully to get her to stay. “Where the heart leads, the mind can but follow. I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Ruby leaves the hospital with some long lingering looks from Dr Varma but she doesn’t get very far as she is called into action to help people injured in a bus crash, showing why Dr Nair rates her so highly, and rescue young Vijay from the wreckage with help from fireman Marcus. She realises then where her heart truly lies. “Being a doctor…this is all I ever wanted.”

The other main storyline is the arrival of Maggie and Paul’s newlywed daughter Debbie (Leanne Best), back after a brief appearance in episode one but with no mention or sight of her new husband, as an emotional tug of war begins as to where Maggie should spend her final days. In the end Maggie gets her way and achieves her dying wish to see turtles on the beach with her loved ones beside her.

“You were always meant to be here.” – “Karma, right?”

After some stunning shots of local scenery, the characters gather at Greg’s bar. Nair and son AJ are reconciled about the former’s new relationship, Ruby and Varma continue their will they won’t they relationship, Lydia is brave enough to finally declare her love for Greg, “the worst kept secret in Barco.” The episode ends with Lydia and Ruby friends again. All’s well that ends well…

“So what happens now? Nothing at all. In a good way.”

So as the sun sets on this nice if unspectacular drama, with strong performances from Redman, Acharia and Morrissey, ITV has announced that the doors of The Good Karma Hospital will open again for a second season next year; a decision that will go down well with the show’s producers, cast and viewers but maybe not with those of its recently axed stable mate The Halcyon.

Aired at 9pm on Sunday 12 March 2017 on ITV.

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