‘The Halcyon’ recap: D’Abberville begins a flirtation in Episode 3

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It’s now June, 1940, and the war is progressing from bad to worse.

France has asked for an armistice and wealthy French aristocrats are leaving in droves, seeking refuge in the hotel. One particular French Count proves to be a particularly odious guest.

The Count stirs up the kitchen staff, scares Billy (and us) with his careless gun handling, and tries to force himself on Kate. He travels with the opportunistic Mr. D’Abberville, whose job it is to sweep up after the Count.

Billy “borrows” the Count’s gun—just to hold it—and all hell breaks loose when the Count discovers it’s missing. Emma voices her objection as assistant manager, but Mr. Garland overrules her and searches Max Klein’s locker for the missing gun. He uncovers a pair of the late Lord Hamilton’s cufflinks, instead. Max needs money to find his wife and daughter who are now missing Jews in France.

RG has Max arrested, setting his compassionate daughter on a mission to help the man. Tensions between father and daughter run high. Emma convinces Lady Hamilton to take Max back by telling her that “my father is against it.” Touché, Emma!

Sensing greener pastures at The Halcyon, D’Abberville begins a flirtation with Lady Hamilton. She’s completely smitten by his attentions. We get the true measure of the man when, after learning that France has surrendered, he jokes, “Where are they going to find decent sauerkraut in Paris?”

Billy decides to avenge Kate’s honor and threatens the Count with the man’s own gun. We’re on the edge of our seat when the Count calls Billy a “pathetic, mewling baby. One who shivers and shakes with fear.”

Note to the Count: don’t taunt someone pointing a gun at your head, you idiot!

Mr. Garland turns the tables on D’Abberville when he tries to extract revenge on Billy and the hotel. RG handles the situation in the clever manner that we’ve come to expect of him and D’Abberville secures his own freedom from the Count in the bargain.

Max returns to his position at the hotel. In a lovely scene, RG comments that it was clever of Emma to use Lady Hamilton’s hatred of him as leverage to get Max reinstated. “As your manager, I’m not happy at all. As your father, I’m a little impressed. Proud, even.” Looks like the apple has fallen close to the tree. RG tells Max that he’ll try to find his family.

Max’s return sends Chef into a tizzy. RG leaves his new assistant manager to handle the situation and Emma proves more than equal to the task.

The episode concludes with the interlude between Emma and Freddie that we’ve been hoping for. We’re delighted for the pair, but scared about what the future will hold.

As Joe O’Hara says about the Brits, “They may be scared, but they won’t let fear win the day.”

Aired at 9pm on Monday 16 January 2017 on ITV.

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