‘Yonderland’ review: Season 3 Episode 5 is almost too good

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Things get intense on this week’s Yonderland, as Debbie puts herself in a sticky situation to rescue… a dude who we’re pretty sure until very recently was definitely a baddie.  This can only turn out well!

Hey, it’s Tom Meeten!  I love him in the things I have seen him in, which now includes this show!  And Pete and Pete’s dad are doing weird exercise with him!  Have I mentioned how much I love Pete’s dad?

This week’s plan, such as it is, to defeat Cuddly Dick (and yes, I absolutely do a little giggle every time someone says his name, which in itself is a comedic goldmine), involves breaking Negatus out of prison and putting him in a mole costume.  But in order to break him out of prison, Debbie has to break in.  Cue the joyous prison narrative pastiche!


Meanwhile, Pete suspects that Debbie’s attempting to sabotage the move to Scotland.  This is because she is, kind of.

I’m really enjoying Negatus finally making the inevitable awkward switch to the Good Guys’ team, and the exploration of his Tragic Backstory – though whether it will pan out in the long term remains to be seen, as well as how many showers it will take to get the smell out of his clothes.

And once again, Yonderland proves itself to be almost too good, inasmuch as I rather wish I could grant it six stars out of five, and no other television will ever seem as good in comparison.  Especially the part where smelly Negatus rescued a bunny.

And have I mentioned how much I love Pete’s dad?


Aired at 6.30pm on Sunday 13 November 2016 on Sky1.

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