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Pearl Mackie in Doctor Who episode 'Oxygen'

7 things we loved in this week’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode, ‘Oxygen’

If you thought the future of capitalism was bleak, this week’s episode of Doctor Who agrees! ‘Oxygen‘ sees a disconcertingly essential resource become monetised, with disastrous consequences. I sure hope any developing space companies are taking notes about why this is a bad idea. But here are some other interesting things about this week’s jaunty … >

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10 things we loved in this week’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Smile’

The terrifyingly topical ‘Smile’ follows in a now longstanding tradition of a) largely brilliant single-word-titled Doctor Who adventures; and b) adventures that make innocuous contemporary things and make them utterly terrifying. But apart from feeling slightly creeped out by using emojis for the next few days, here are a few other things we noticed while … >

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Why Bill’s LGBT representation in ‘Doctor Who’ is important

The past year or two has seen some pretty major examples of mainstream media producers publicly patting themselves on the back for being diversity champions. Meanwhile, their actual idea of LGBT representation reads onscreen a lot more like throwing breadcrumbs at best, and quite possibly being bizarrely surprised that we’re not lapping them up as … >

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‘Yonderland’ Season 3 Episode 7 review: What is Cuddly Dick up to?

It turns out that not even the magical realm of Yonderland is safe from the seemingly irresistible lure of those reality-style competition programmes our world is so plagued with. Even the elders, who really ought to be focussed on reclaiming the land from the vicelike grip of so-called Cuddly Dick are not immune to the … >

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5 moments in ‘Christmas With The Coopers’ that every family can relate to

Christmas with family brings with it certain inevitabilities. The host’s house will either be uncomfortably warm or uncomfortably cold, you will eat way too much food, and in spite of everything, you’ll mostly only remember the good stuff. The titular family of Christmas with the Coopers (out on DVD this week) all haul their own baggage … >

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