Jago & Litefoot Forever review

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Following the sad passing of Trevor Baxter, Big Finish had to shelve plans for a fourteenth boxset of Jago & Litefoot (and possibly more) and have released Jago & Litefoot Forever to both celebrate Trevor and draw a line under the series, left hanging at the end of the previous boxset. To do so, writer Paul Morris has painstakingly constructed a story led by Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) but also with plenty of Professor Litefoot, thanks to judicious use of clips from episodes gone by. It’s a fine tribute, with plenty of regulars making appearances, but still a real story rather than merely a party.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Henry is somewhat miffed George has made plans not involving him. Over the course of a few days he begins to look for the Professor in the company of Dr Luke Betterman (David Warner). Of course, this involves the Red Tavern (and Lisa Bowerman’s Ellie Higson) as well as police assistance from Inspector Quick (Conrad Asquith). It all gets more important as Queen Victoria herself (Rowena Cooper) is at hand as Henry revisits many aspects of past stories with Dr Letterman, and is increasingly mystified as to just where his good friend has gone.

There is a threat, a mystery and strange goings on, but really it’s a chance to remember many of the great stories fans have enjoyed so far, meet the cast of characters one last time, and savour the sumptuous delights of this version of Victorian London. There’s also one last chance for appearances by Leela (Louise Jameson) and the Doctor (Colin Baker) as well as a host of other characters played by Stephen Critchlow.

If all this weren’t more than enough reason to spend one last hour or so with Jago & Litefoot, the release also bundles in the Short Trips story The Jago And Litefoot Revival (reviewed here). The full disc of interviews also does a splendid job of remembering Trevor, celebrating his work on the series, the series itself and making the listener feel part of what has quite clearly been a joyous series to work on.

Unhesitatingly recommended.