The Life and Death of River Song: Last Words cover art

Big Finish announce ‘The Death and Life of River Song’ (updated)

Alex Kingston’s time-travelling archaeologist launches herself into a new audio series, beginning with a prequel to ‘The Ark in Space’.   Updated 15/05/24: Cover art, cast and storyline details With her creator returning to Doctor Who this weekend, Big Finish have revealed more about River Song’s upcoming audio exploits. The first box set in her new … >

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Big Finish open The Paul Spragg Memorial Writers’ Opportunity 2024

The annual competition seeks to encourage fresh writing talent, with the winner seeing their Doctor Who short story recorded and published.  Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish Productions have once again opened submissions for their annual Paul Spragg Memorial Writers’ Opportunity. The competition, which takes place in memory of their late colleague Paul Spragg, seeks … >

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Big Finish announce two more Lost Doctor Who Stories

‘Operation Werewolf’ and the original plan for ‘The Three Doctors’ both become Doctor Who Lost Stories.  Doctor Who has a long and varied back catalogue of stories, stretching over six decades. Of course, all the tales we treasure went through changes before entering production. Since 2009, audio producers Big Finish have explored various scripts and … >

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Star Cops: Blood Moon 1 audio review

The Star Cops are back for Blood Moon, a new monthly audio series.  The brainchild of Blake’s 7 script editor and Doctor Who scribe Chris Boucher, Star Cops, the BBC’s 1987 futuristic police procedural came and went like a summer cloud. Behind-the-scenes problems, industrial action and an unhelpful timeslot did nothing to aid the show, … >

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Doctor Who – The Trials of a Time Lord audio drama announced

Further celebrations of Colin Baker’s four decades playing the Sixth Doctor at Big Finish productions. It’s been 40 years since we first met the colourful Sixth Doctor, as played by Colin Baker, Big Finish Productions, Doctor Who‘s audio drama producers, do love an anniversary – March’s The Quin Dilemma brought together four iterations of the … >

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Doctor Who - The Quin Dilemma cover art crop

The Quin Dilemma – Doctor Who audio review

Big Finish celebrates forty years of the Sixth Doctor, surrounding him with many of his companions.  Remarkably, four decades have passed since we first met the bombastic Sixth Doctor. Initially self-righteous and quite unlikable, dressed in a technicolour nightmare, there was a plan to peel back his layers over time. Colin Baker arrived during a … >

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David Bradley as William Hartnell (the First Doctor) in front of the TARDIS

David Bradley returns for a new First Doctor Unbound audio series

The star reunites with his TARDIS crew for a series of “Technicolor” adventures, unburdened by series continuity.  In recent years, Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish have recast the earliest Doctors, launching them in their own ongoing ranges. Stephen Noonan plays the First Doctor, while Michael Troughton has taken on his father’s role as the … >

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Big Finish’s Dark Gallifrey audio saga begins with Morbius

Dark Gallifrey’s first trilogy focusses on the fallen Time Lord President Morbius.  The highly-anticipated Dark Gallifrey series launches today, with a four-year mission to explore evil renegades of the Doctor’s own race. The first trilogy in the saga focusses on Morbius, with the former Time Lord President and warmonger once again brought to life by … >

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Joanna Lumley and David McCallum as Sapphire & Steel

Sapphire & Steel are reassigned – to download

Audio dramas based on the classic sci-fi/fantasy series Sapphire & Steel are now available again from Big Finish Productions.  “All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic, heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and … >

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