Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious: Echoes of Extinction Vinyl cover art

Time Lord Victorious: Echoes of Extinction – Doctor Who audio review

Echoes of Extinction is the final audio drama piece in the Time Lord Victorious puzzle. Unavoidably delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic, it is available on Limited Edition Vinyl from Demon Records, though copies are tough to get hold of. Luckily, it is also available digitally from Big Finish. Making a virtue of the two-sided vinyl … >

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Doctor Who Dalek Universe 1 cover art

Dalek Universe 1 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 1 draws David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor back to a time before the Time War. Without his TARDIS, he hooks up with the Space Security Service, in the first of three boxsets which comprise the Dalek Universe series. Buying Time & The Wrong Woman Abducted by an unknown force, the Doctor finds himself in … >

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Doctor Who Dalek Universe: The Dalek Protocol cover art

Dalek Universe: The Dalek Protocol – Doctor Who audio review

The Dalek Protocol kicks off Dalek Universe, Big Finish’s latest Tenth Doctor series with a prologue for the Fourth. It is also a sequel to the Pertwee classic Death to the Daleks, a favourite of Dalek supremo Nicholas Briggs. The action returns us to the planet of the Exillons. With the space plague in a … >

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Doctor Who – The Monthly Adventures World Record

Big Finish sets a world record with its Doctor Who audio main range

It’s World Record time for Big Finish as Guinness World Records (TM) records the success of their Doctor Who main range Here are the highlights from the Big Finish press release celebrating their achievement: Big Finish Productions is proud to announce that its long-running series Doctor Who – The Monthly Adventures has received a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title … >

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Christopher Eccleston: “We need some more Cyberwomen”

In an interview published in the May 2021 SFX magazine, Christopher Eccleston advocated for greater “engagement with the female” in Doctor Who. “Russell T Davies writes the Doctor as one Doctor; Steven Moffat writes him as another; Rob Shearman writes him, he’s another. Bit of a boys’ club, though. We need to address that. We … >

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Master! boxser cover art

Master! – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Master! sees Eric Robert’s incarnation of the dastardly Time Lord, first seen in the 1996 TV Movie,  let loose. While he has returned a few times on audio, most recently in Masterful, this boxset offers the villain centre stage. Along for the ride too is Big Finish’s homegrown heroine Vienna Salvatori (Chase Masterson). The impossibly … >

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Gerry Anderson Day Terrahawks listening party

Gerry Anderson Day marked by Big Finish and Britbox

You can enjoy this years Gerry Anderson Day with both Big Finish and Britbox — we tell you how is the first ever InternationalGerry Anderson Day (as announced by The Official Gerry Anderson) and the godfather of supermarionation can be commemorated on audio or on screen. Big Finish holds a Terrahawks Tweetalong listening party for Gerry Anderson … >

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Doctor Who: The Doomsday Contract cover art

The Doomsday Contract – Doctor Who The Lost Stories 6.2 audio review

The Doomsday Contract was a storyline originally developed during Douglas Adams tenure as Doctor Who Script Editor. Written by his friend and sometime Hitchhiker’s Guide collaborator John Lloyd, it was put aside when the writer became too busy with other work. Now, approximately forty-two years later, drawing on two original synopsis documents, adaptor Nev Fountain … >

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Doctor Who Stranded 2

Doctor Who: Stranded 2 audio drama review

Doctor Who: Stranded 2 continues on immediately from the previous boxset, but provides a substantial change in tone In our review of Stranded 1, we admired the bold experiment of forcing the Doctor (Paul McGann), Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) and Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan) to spend time in 2020 London. We were treated to a set … >

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