‘We’re the Millers’ movie review

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We’re the Millers is a comedy in the typical frat-pack vein we’re used to seeing in The Hangover and The Switch, with an ordinary man’s life suddenly taking a bizarre turn. Unlike The Switch though, We’re the Millers is actually halfway decent.

While arguably being a tad overlong with schmaltzy parts shoe-horned in to give the movie some sort of point, the laughs are frequent and, besides a zinger of a gag about anal sex, not always vulgar – which makes a welcome change. Physical comedy is, thankfully, kept to a minimum, giving the film’s singular gross-out moment tons more punch.

Sudeikis is quite simply funny as hell. He’s Vince Vaughn pre-The Watch and extremely likeable (with fantastic hair thrown into the bargain). The same goes for British star Will Poulter, proving that he can do the hilarious and the serious (Wild Bill). More parts for this lad, please.

Emma Roberts is over-sweary, underused, and – anal sex joke notwithstanding – not particularly funny. Jennifer Aniston is, though; but to be honest the audience this film is aimed at won’t be watching for her comedy chops. They’ll be watching for That One Bit In The Trailer Where She Takes Her Clothes Off.

We’re the Millers is a surprisingly laugh-out-loud comedy caper for blokes, and arguably one of the best mainstream comedies for quite some time (The Internship, anyone?).

Released in UK cinemas on Friday 23 August 2013.

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