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‘Absolutely Fabulous’: 20th anniversary specials episode guide

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Twenty years after Eddy, Patsy, Saffy, Bubble and Mother first staggered onto BBC screens, Absolutely Fabulous is back on BBC One this Christmas.

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Episode 1: Identity
Sunday 25th December 2011, 10pm

In the first of three new episodes written by and starring Jennifer Saunders, with Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield, there’s an awful lot of catching up to do.

First of all there’s a homecoming for one of them who’s been ‘away’ for quite some time. She arrives at the Monsoon household with a new – slightly scary – best friend. Her presence could be either a blessing or a disaster, raising questions of identity that could even involve a certain person owning up to her real age … if she can remember it.

Warning: A Royal Wedding is re-enacted by Bubble.

Episode 2
: Job
Sunday 1st January 2012

Edina has some crucial questions to answer, including: Has she still got it? And could a new client destroy her relationship with Saffy or make it stronger?

With fewer and fewer clients and a daughter who despises her, it’s business as usual but, when Eddy and Patsy meet a famous French film star whom Saffy hugely admires, Eddy hopes that the job of taking her on as a client could bring a new-found respect, and some much-needed income.

The problem is that her client’s talents aren’t everything they seem to be…

Warning: Edina Monsoon sings.

Episode 3: Olympics
Monday 23rd July 2012, 9.30pm

Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone are well known for having their fingers on the pulse of the nation. As the sound of the approaching Olympiad reaches deafening proportions Eddy is surprised that it is all about to start. She has rented out her house to a Hollywood A lister, but she is still living in it, as is her daughter, her mother and her assistant Bubble.

Patsy tries to get into Eddy’s body suit to look suitably great for the A listers, with disastrous results. Health professionals are summoned. Eddy feels that doors are closing on her, age is catching up with her, invitations are not coming her way anymore and Stella McCartney’s shop is closed to her.

To add to her depression, Bo and Marshall (her ex-husband, played by Chris Ryan and his American girlfriend played by Mo Gaffney) arrive to stay for the Games. Things can only get worse.

Somehow, before the flame has been lit, they will end up running for glory inside the Olympic stadium and crash a reception for the likes of Tanni Grey Thompson, Dame Kelly Holmes, and Stella McCartney.

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