‘Apple Tree Yard’ episode guide: What happens next?

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Emily Watson (A Song For Jenny) stars in BBC One’s new adaptation of Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard.

Written by Amanda Coe (Room at the Top, Shameless), the new four-part adaptation of the best-selling psychological thriller is described as “a provocative, audacious thriller that puts women’s lives at the heart of a gripping, insightful story about the values we live by and the choices we make.”

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Apple Tree Yard stars Emily Watson as Yvonne Carmichael and Ben Chaplin (Mad Dogs) as Mark Costley, alongside Mark Bonnar (Line Of Duty), Adeel Akhtar (River), Lydia Leonard (Life In Squares), Frances Tomelty (Unforgotten) and Rhashan Stone (Strike Back).


Episode 1

Sunday 22 January 2017, 9pm

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Dr. Yvonne Carmichael has a high-flying career, a beautiful home, and a loving family. But appearances can be deceptive, and when she is approached by a charismatic stranger, she soon finds herself taking risks that she had never dreamt of before.

Totally unexpectedly, their encounter builds to a passionate and all-consuming affair, and soon the law-abiding Yvonne finds herself in deep and out of her depth.

He gives away very little, intriguing, mysterious and elusive. Is there more to his civil service role than he’ll admit? Who is Mark Costley?

One evening, on her way to a colleague’s party, she and Costley share a passionate moment in a small backstreet alley, Apple Tree Yard.

Arriving at the event, she is glowing, but by the end of the night, joy turns to devastation when a sudden and shocking act of violence changes everything.


Episode 2

Sunday 29 January 2017, 9pm

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Devastated by the horrific events of the previous night, Yvonne returns home. Desperately trying to come to terms with what’s happened, she unexpectedly finds herself confiding in Costley.

When the situation intensifies, Yvonne becomes ever more terrified and once again turns again to Costley. He is calm, reassuring, authoritative.

They meet for one last time, and share a passionate afternoon together. However, when Costley takes control of the situation, Yvonne is plunged from one nightmare into another.


Episode 3

Sunday 5 February 2017, 9pm

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Yvonne’s life is turned upside down yet again, when she is ripped away from her family and arrested for murder.

In shock, Yvonne denies everything, but the police are convinced that she and Costley colluded in cold blood.
Their trial begins and very quickly Yvonne realises that everything she thought she knew about her lover was a lie.

And right now he’s all that’s standing between her and a prison sentence.


Episode 4

Monday 6 February 2017, 9pm

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The murder trial continues, with Costley’s defence resting on evidence of an underlying personality disorder.

But the prosecution barrister rips this theory apart and Costley’s case seems to lie in tatters. Costley’s back is up against the wall. Has he reached his tipping point?

And if the court find out that Yvonne lied about their affair, will they believe anything else she’s said?


Order Apple Tree Yard on DVD on Amazon here.

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