‘Apple Tree Yard’ review: Episode 3 has us on the edge of our seats

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“What have I done?”

Give a Monkey a baby and heating element and the results are up for debate but give an intelligent, romantically naive woman enough rope and they could end up hanging themselves. It turns out Mr Costley wasn’t delivering take away food to George Selway but take away life. As they flee from the house Mark says that everything will be ok if she goes along with his story. She is the getaway driver to a crime she doesn’t know exists.

Yvonne now faces trial for murder / manslaughter / aiding and abetting / generally being gullible / you name it. If your heart sank at the realisation that a lot of this episode would involve legal and court based wranglings then there needn’t have been a worry. Nothing dragged as the dramatic beats were placed well throughout.

There was the first arrest at a family meal (wise choice, considering take away seems so dangerous these days), Gary’s knife wielding speech to the the smug barrister and then the second arrest for text messaging her accomplice.

The relationship between Yvonne and Gary blossoms for the first time. He has previously been portrayed as a cold, distant man but here he offers hugs and all manner of unflinching support even though it’s clear he knows she had an affair. Essentially, if those things were on the table in the first place then his wife may not have strayed towards a potentially psychopathic murderer. Let that be a lesson to all you chaps out there.

Emily Watson transcends her earlier performances with multi layered aplomb and the direction is at times disorientating to match her panic, confusion and upset. The biggest message being that even the most intelligent, articulate people can fall for the most blatant of lies if their heart lets them. Her blind faith in her imprisoned lover extends so far that she thinks sleeping with her own husband is cheating on him.

The big reveal is what we’ve all suspected but Carmichael herself was to blind to see. Mark Costley does not work for MI5 and for all we know, might just be a glorified janitor. He is a fantasist where Yvonne was just in love with the mystery, and like all good mysteries this has us on the edge of our seats.

Blind alleys

Will Mark escape murder charges on account of his mental stability?

It’s not looking good for Yvonne. Surely she’ll be sent down for manslaughter at least?

Is her daughter’s pregnancy being signposted as a big part of family life Yvonne will miss due to moments of recklessness?

How much is Gary wishing he’s blown that £100,000 on something else? A new car maybe? Or divorce papers?

Aired at 9pm on Sunday 5 February 2017 on BBC One.

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