‘Lip Service’: Series 2 episode guide

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BBC Three drama Lip Service returns to the bars and clubs of Glasgow’s Merchant City to follow the lives of a group of 20-something lesbians in a second series next month.

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Cat is played by Laura Fraser, Sam by Heather Peace, Frankie by Ruta Gedmintas, Tess by Fiona Button, Nora by Sinéad Keenan, Hugh by Stuart McQuarrie, Lexy by Anna Skellern, Sadie by Natasha O’Keeffe, Jay by Emun Elliott and Ed by James Anthony Pearson.


Episode 1
Friday 20th April 2012, 9pm

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After a loved-up month on holiday in South America, Cat and Sam arrive back in Glasgow with a colossal bump. Having run away from her relationship with first love Frankie, Cat knows she must now face the music.

It looks like Tess finally has it all: her first proper acting role, a fabulous new flat and a gorgeous girlfriend. Landing one of the leading roles in a big theatre production should be a cause for celebration, but things don’t go quite to plan on her first day in the job.

Locking horns with self-obsessed co-star Nora, it’s clear Tess is going to have her work cut out, dealing with constant put-downs and snide comments. But new friendship and much needed support come in the shape of Hugo, a cynical but loveable actor.

Frankie and Tess are struggling with the rent for their new flat and go in search of a flatmate. Enter Lexy – a sexy, funny and straight-talking Australian doctor who instantly makes an impression on Tess. But she’s not the only one who reacts to Lexy’s arrival…

Frankie bumps into her former flame Sadie and offloads her troubles onto her. Sadie, who is down on her luck, decides to deliver some home truths.


Episode 2
Friday 27th April 2012, 9pm

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It’s the morning of Cat’s birthday and Sam has the perfect day planned.  But far from being excited about the celebrations which await, Cat feels like a total fraud. Against her better judgement, she’s sleeping with Frankie behind an unsuspecting Sam’s back and even has a secret tryst planned for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Tess helps new flatmate Lexy move in, using the opportunity to get to know her better, and is delighted to discover the sexy doctor is single.  But while her homelife is happy, things aren’t going so well for Tess on the work front. Self-obsessed actress Nora is doing everything she can to sideline and undermine Tess in a vain attempt to steal the limelight. Just as well Tess has Hugh for some much needed light relief.

Frankie’s career is on the up after she lands herself a job photographing a boutique hotel in the Scottish Highlands for trendy Scottish magazine Minus 21. In an attempt to make amends with Sadie, Frankie offers to split the fee if Sadie gives her a lift. But the road trip doesn’t go as smoothly for the friends as they had hoped.

Frankie’s delighted to see Cat and they share a passionate afternoon together which heralds a turn of dramatic events and unexpected consequences.


Episode 3
Friday 4th May 2012, 9pm

Still reeling with shock, the friends each deal with events in their own way. Despite everyone’s best efforts, Sam isn’t coping and she struggles to deal with everyone fussing around about her. To make matters worse she starts asking awkward questions – which none of the group want to answer.

Sly Sadie lands herself an interview with trendy arts and culture magazine Minus 21, to be a writer. The fearsome editor Lauren has the measure of her inexperience, but is drawn to bolshie, sexy Sadie and their meeting is charged with sexual tension.

Things are tense at the flat. Tess desperately tries to connect with Frankie, who is shutting her out. To add insult to injury Frankie seems to favour Sadie, who appears to have moved into their flat.

Tess’s emotions are further frayed when she has to endure a sleepless night listening to the loud sexual conquests of her flatmates – and it turns out Lexy isn’t quite as single as Tess had hoped.

Tess enlists Ed’s help with Nora, but is unprepared for the consequences of this meeting. Thankfully Hugh is on hand to distract Tess with some minor vandalism and general bad behaviour.


Episode 4
Friday 11th May 2012, 9pm

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Tess is in unrequited love hell, so when Ed starts gloating about his love life it makes her feel even lonelier.

Sadie is sure her clinch with magazine editor Lauren is her ticket out of temping hell, but is left reeling when Lauren snubs her at the office. Back at her day job, Sadie’s irreverent take on waitressing gets her into hot water and she’s caught off guard when Lauren turns up at the restaurant to make amends.

The pair end up spending the afternoon together in a hotel room, but when Lauren rushes off, leaving Sadie a bundle of money to settle the hotel bill, she’s left feeling less than valued by her lover.

At the hospital Dr Declan teases Lexy when she reveals she’s taking Sam to a wine tasting event as a friend. On hearing this, Bea shows signs of jealously which makes Lexy question whether their ‘no-strings-attached’ arrangement is as straightforward as she’d hoped.

Tess finds herself on an impromptu blind date with Meg, a friend of Nora and Ed’s. But when events take a weird turn for the worse she calls on Lexy to save the day. At the wine tasting Sam warms to Lexy – but then makes an alarming discovery.


Episode 5
Friday 18th May 2012, 9pm

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When Sam makes an unexpected visit to the flat to confront Tess about her discovery, a wedge is driven been Sam and her friends. Lexy arrives and instantly defends a bewildered Tess, which makes Sam question whether she was part of the cover-up too. And, to make matters worse, Sam’s unpredictable behavior at work forces her partner Ryder to send her home, telling her she’s out of control. For Sam, the truth hurts.

Sadie’s excitement about her new job at Jo’s art gallery is short-lived after she grows frustrated at having her texts ignored by Lauren. Ever the thrill seeker, Sadie decides to surprise her lover by turning up at the home she shares with her wife. And, for Lauren, its temptation come calling as she struggles to resist Sadie.

Tess finds herself in a compromising position when Hugh embroils her in his disastrous love life as he tries to get one over on love rival, Thomas Delaware.

Elsewhere, the situation with Lexy’s stalker intensifies, with unforeseen consequences. After the situation with her stalker intensifies, Lexy turns to Tess for a shoulder to cry on, leading Tess to hope they can be more than just good friends.


Episode 6
Friday 25th May 2012, 9pm

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It’s the morning of Tess’s big theatre debut but it’s affairs of the heart which dominate after Lexy gives her an unexpected gift which she takes as a token of affection. Later that night, her opening night performance is threatened by the sabotaging actions of co-stars Nora and Hugh.

Elsewhere, Sam’s under pressure to lead a major drugs bust but her partner Ryder doubts her nerves will hold. But as events unravel, Sam’s pride threatens to put her team in danger.

And at the art gallery, Sadie can’t resist temptation. But little does she realise her actions will put lover Lauren in a compromising position and threaten to reveal their affair.


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