‘Spooks: Code 9’: Series 1 episode guide

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Thames House is gone and regional MI5 Field Offices have sprung up in its place. Are six young new recruits tough, moral and clever enough to protect Britain’s future?


Episode 1
Sunday 10th August 2008

The year is 2013. London has been evacuated following a nuclear bomb and the country’s power base has shifted north. In the wake of the attack, MI5 must completely restructure and establish field offices across the UK. They need young, new officers on the ground – and fast. It is members of this new generation of patriots who help make up MI5’s new Field Office 19.

Field Office 19 is in the middle of an investigation into arms dealers Theo Danakis and Flynn Dixon and so new-on-the-job spooks including ex junior doctor Rob, wild and fearless Kylie, reformed bad boy Jez and charmer Vik are all working undercover. Former police officer Rachel is running the show for the first time, under the watchful eye of experienced spy Hannah, but things aren’t exactly going as planned for Jez and Vik. Luckily, the unexpected arrival of new recruit and mathematical genius Charlie changes their fate.

When Hannah receives news that the Prime Minister will be visiting the city the next day, the pressure mounts to take down Danakis and Dixon. Intelligence being gathered increasingly points towards an assassination attempt on the PM.

It doesn’t take long for the team to discover the intended hitman is known assassin Jermain Lee. The team track him to a hotel overlooking the PM’s proposed route – further evidence of his intentions, surely? Convinced the PM is the target, Kylie and Jez close in on Lee’s hotel room. But as the team move in on Lee, Charlie realises the signs just don’t add up. Realisation hits that the PM may not be the target – and that one member of Field Office 19 is walking straight into a trap…


Episode 2
Sunday 10th August 2008

Protestors hack into Emergency Communications System and broadcast a video of dead inmates at a government prison. MI5 publicly deny the footage is real, prompting the terrorists to set off a series of false alerts. Charlie discovers MI5 corruption relating to the London bombing.


Episode 3
Sunday 17th August 2008

In the wake of the nuclear attack on London, demand is high for radiation sickness medication and the thriving black market is awash with predominantly counterfeit pills, as the series allowing viewers to see the future of Spooks and get even closer to the world of conspiracy and espionage continues.

Jez and Kylie are undercover on the notorious Prospect Towers estate, the suspected base for a criminal gang led by the elusive “Zero”, thought to be distributing fake drugs. Jez and Kylie manage to gain the trust of the estate’s residents via Dylan, an old friend of Jez’s. But, once inside, they find a wall of silence protecting Zero. Most of the residents are happy with him running the estate – he supplies them with the radiation sickness drugs which they are convinced they need.

Back at HQ, Rob is struggling to avoid a ghost from his past when the police question him about the death of fellow medical student Julian Nelson at the time of the London bomb. Nelson’s girlfriend, Emma, has also tracked him down and she, too, wants answers. Meanwhile, Rachel and Charlie’s relationship goes from strength to strength as they work together to uncover the identity of the traitor within MI5.

Jez finally manages to set up a meeting with Zero, posing as a drug dealer. But his position of trust is compromised when Zero catches Kylie in his radiation drugs lab. He imprisons Jez, Kylie and Dylan and demands to know the truth. Jez admits to Dylan that they’re undercover and assures him that his team will find a way to get them out. However, knowing the way Zero works, Dylan isn’t quite so sure.


Episode 4
Sunday 24th August 2008

When two MI5 informants in Witness Protection are brutally murdered, it’s down to Charlie and Field Office 19 to find out why, as the series allowing viewers to see the future of Spooks and get even closer to the world of conspiracy and espionage continues. Most importantly, Charlie and the team need to find out how the perpetrator was able to trace his victims’ new identities. An investigation by Vik and Jez reveals that a loophole in the newly enforced ID cards scheme means a person can be tracked down by the Missing Persons Scheme if they have access to their biometric data. When the team finds that the victims’ dental records were stolen, it is clear that this is how they were traced.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Charlie are secretly trying to identify “The Ghost Man”, hoping that he can lead them to the traitor within MI5. Rachel goes undercover and, with the help of an old police contact, discovers that “The Ghost Man” is ex-people trafficker Luke Blackwell. Blackwell knows a lot more than he should but will Rachel be able to get all the information she needs before someone else gets to him?

Background checks on Missing Persons’ staff show large payments were made into one employee’s account. The employee – Pete Norris – has been providing information to terrorist groups looking to take revenge on informants who have gone into hiding. With a little “gentle” persuasion, Rob and Jez recover the name of the next target; but time isn’t on their side and Kylie and Jez must race to save the next intended victim’s life…


Episode 5
Sunday 31st August 2008

During a surveillance operation upon visiting Korean businessman Lim Kwang Ho, Rob and Kylie get caught up in a terrorist heist on a city bank. Alice, the daughter of the Chief Executive of Union Star bank, has been sent inside wearing a suicide bomb which the terrorists threaten to detonate unless Lim confesses publicly to a secret deal they believe he has with the British Government.

The team quickly ascertains that Leo Whitelaw and his eco-terrorist group, Radius, are behind the heist. Whitelaw has discovered a secret Government deal with Lim to bury Korean nuclear waste on British soil. Charlie believes the heist has to be an inside job and CCTV footage from inside the bank shows that Alice may not be the victim she first seems…

While the team try to control things at the bank, Charlie continues his personal quest to find the MI5 traitors who Hannah believed were behind the London bomb. He breaks into prison camp Windsmere and talks to Abid Malik, a scientist imprisoned for his alleged involvement with the London bomb. Charlie discovers that Malik was actually an MI5 informant and was deceived into thinking the bomb that he helped build would never be detonated, but would, instead, be used to trap the terrorists behind it. Malik also reveals that there’s a second nuclear device in existence which the terrorists are still intending to detonate.

Back in the bank, the team goes into action to end the heist. But, with the unpredictable Whitelaw running the show, will they be able to stop him detonating Alice’s suicide bomb in time?


Episode 6
Sunday 7th September 2008

With the memorial for the London attack just two days away and knowledge of a second bomb, Charlie convinces the team to break Abid Malik out of prison, as the drama allowing viewers to see the future of Spooks and get even closer to the world of conspiracy and espionage concludes. Charlie thinks Malik might be the only person who can lead them to the MI5 traitor and, hopefully, prevent another catastrophic explosion. He convinces Yates they’re conducting regular surveillance on Camp Windsmere and sends Vik in undercover as an inmate.

Vik and Malik must both get to the medical room if Rob, posing as an emergency doctor, is going to get them out. Vik attacks Malik, breaking his ankle, and then fakes a seizure himself. As the team set off the prison alarms, Rob, Vik and Malik are able to escape unnoticed. As soon as Malik is on the outside, he reveals he had a photograph of his MI5 handler, which is probably still in his London flat. Rob and Charlie head into highly radioactive London and manage to locate the photograph.

Back on the road north, Charlie and Rob quickly get to work on Malik’s photo. When they realise who the traitor is, they know the whole team is in serious danger. With no means of communication, their journey home becomes a mission, not just to prevent a second explosion, but to save their own team from the lethal traitor within…