‘Strike Back’ Season 5: ‘Legacy’ episode guide

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Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are back as counterterrorism operatives Sgt Michael Stonebridge and Sgt Damien Scott for a final season of Sky1’s Strike Back.

The pair are joined by Lt Col Philip Locke (Robson Green), Sgt Julia Richmond (Michelle Lukes), DEA SA Kim Martinez (Milauna Jemai Jackson).

New additions to the cast include Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Tim McInnerny (Spooks) and Max Beesley (Mad Dogs).

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Episode 1

Wednesday 3 June 2015, 9pm

Setting up camp in Thailand, we’re off to a breathless start when a young girl named Chloe, the daughter of British ambassador Robin Foster (McInnerny), is kidnapped and held to ransom.

Section 20 are on speed- dial – Foster, you see, is an old friend of Locke’s – and it quickly becomes apparent that they’re dealing with more than a high-profile snatch’n’grab after Chloe falls into the hands of gangster Ray McQueen (Beesley), a puppet whose strings are being pulled by a higher power.

Cue a race against the clock when a desperate Foster is instructed by his daughter’s captors to blow up his own embassy. Or else…


Episode 2

Wednesday 10 June 2015, 9pm

Brace yourself for more edge-of-yourseat action as Section 20 try to track down the real culprits behind the embassy attack – Foster, by the way, is alive and well(ish). Key to cracking the case is gangster Ray McQueen, who has been taken into custody by corrupt cops.

Locke and Scott get their boy back, though, with the help of a tuk-tuk and Bangkok’s number one (dangerous) driver. Keeping schtum, McQueen says he’ll only talk if they bring in his pregnant wife, a job Richmond and Martinez get done with blood-splattered aplomb. One of the men involved, it turns out, is Lee, a member of Office 39, a deadly North Korean crime syndicate.

Why would they want their own diplomats dead? Locke believes they’re going to frame the east to escalate tensions and start a war. The bomb is just the start as Scott and Stonebridge embark on an explosive mission to figure out their next move. A twist at the episode’s end, meanwhile, suggests the team should look closer to home because the enemy is right under their noses…


Episode 3

Wednesday 17 June 2015, 9pm

The action ramps up a gear as Section 20 discovers the Ambassador’s wife, Mei Foster (Michelle Yeoh), isn’t the person Locke (and her husband) had always believed her to be.

When he realises she is in fact a North Korean agent, whose real name is Li-Na, and that she’s in cahoots with a band of Japanese Yakuza gangsters, the team must work out what they’re up to and what their connection to Office 39 is.

Scott, meanwhile, tries to take a step back and concentrate on his personal life when he learns his son, who he’s never met, is Thailand bound. It doesn’t take long, however, for the Yakuza to catch up with father and son, throwing them into a dangerous situation they must contend with alone as the rest of Section 20 comes under attack, too.


Episode 4

Wednesday 24 June 2015, 9pm

While Scott has the sort of man-to son chat with Finn (Christian Antidormi) that only one of Her Majesty’s best killers can, the rest of Section 20 cross paths with a couple of CIA loose cannons who are in Thailand to take Shiro (Yamaguchi) into custody.

As they close in on the Kokura Foundation depot where Shiro and Mei Foster, also known as Li-Na, plan to exchange Vanadium for drugs, there’s a double cross and a shootout that leaves a seriously injured Richmond in the grasp of a fleeing Foster.

Will Richmond tell Foster what she wants to know? Can she live long enough for Scott to save her? And if the Vanadium wasn’t blown up by Section 20 hand grenades, where is it?

As the seconds count down to the close of this week’s instalment, Locke is on the brink of discovering the location of the long-range missile fuel when the trigger-happy Yanks put a fatal dent in his best source.


Episode 5

Wednesday 1 July 2015, 9pm

Section 20 launch their most dangerous mission ever as Scott and Stonebridge covertly enter North Korea. Alone in the field, the pair attempt to infiltrate a heavily guarded smelting plant and blow up the stolen Vanadium which Li-Na has secured for the regime.

Discovery will be considered an act of war by the North Korean authorities… which makes Scott’s decision to loudly and vengefully blow the Governor’s brains out inside a vintage Rolls-Royce somewhat choice.

Still reeling from Richmond’s death, it’s unsurprising he’s feeling trigger happy, but the North Koreans may have bitten off more than they can chew when they use Finn to lure Scott and Stonebridge into the open. It’s now two against a nation but we know where we’ll be putting our money.


Episode 6

Wednesday 8 July 2015, 9pm

The stakes are high and the lighting low in a tense and atmospheric new instalment of the super soldier drama. For professional hard men, it seems that Scott and Stonebridge may have made a colossal mistake by stepping into the clutches of mono-faced bad egg Li-Na. Intent on making them confess to working with the UK government, she’s quite happy to blow Finn’s brains out if they resist.

Meanwhile, Whitehall has cut them adrift, launching emergency protocols to deny their existence and sending direct orders to Locke to stand down. That’s not likely though, especially when they identify a secret hand signal given by Stonebridge at his moment of capture. It’s hard to throw a grenade when you’re cable-tied to a chair and this makes for a welcome change of pace… for half of this week’s episode at least.

After that it’s a dogfight to the Russian border where the boys partake in some restorative vodka before realising that Li-Na has gone rogue and is now plotting a high-level attack in Europe. Does this woman ever stop?


Episode 7

Wednesday 15 July 2015, 9pm

The battle with Li-Na moves to Europe.

As Section 20 plots a new way to get back on her trail, Locke gets an unexpected opportunity to confront his nemesis.


Episode 8

Wednesday 22 July 2015, 9pm

Section 20 discovers that Li-Na is planning to mount a nuclear attack in Europe.

Elsewhere, Locke puts himself in the firing line when he neglects the mission in order to avenge the murder of his son.


Episode 9 / Episode 10

Wednesday 29 July 2015, 9pm

It’s the final two instalments of high-octane action and the Section 20 boys are showing no signs of fatigue after their cross global mission to track down slippery North Korean terrorist, Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh).

Always one step ahead of his British bosses, instinct driven Lt. Colonel Locke (Robson Green) takes his team rogue once more as they defy Whitehall to travel to Geneva where he is convinced Li-Na and Kwon are preparing to attack the United Nations HQ.

It’s a huge gamble and they all know their lives are on the line, but with Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) that’s just a normal day at the office and, locked and loaded, they head out for a final showdown with their nemesis.

Will this be their moment of reckoning? A chance for Scott to avenge Richmond’s death? In a rapid-fire stand-off with Li-Na and her minions, it’s down to our two favourite super soldiers to save the Swiss city, Locke’s career and their own bacon before a bomb goes off in Europe.


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