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David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) stars in BBC One’s new three-part The Driver, written by Danny Brocklehurst (Clocking Off, Exile, Accused).

The cast also includes Claudie Blakeley (What Remains) as his wife, Ros, and Sacha Parkinson (Coronation Street) as their daughter Katie, alongisde Ian Hart, Colm Meaney, Shaun Dingwall (Doctor Who) and Lee Ross (EastEnders).


Episode 1

Tuesday 23 September 2014, 9pm

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Taxi driver Vince McKee (David Morrissey) finds his life taking an unexpected turn when he accepts an offer to drive for a criminal gang. It’s been engineered by his old friend Colin (Ian Hart), who has resurfaced after a six-year stretch in prison.

Ever since their son Tim (Lewis Rainer) cut ties with the family, Vince and his wife Ros (Claudie Blakley) have drifted apart. They blame themselves for his departure and have become accustomed to living separate lives.

The offer of becoming a driver for gang leader The Horse (Colm Meaney) at first seems like an exciting proposition to Vince, but as the gang prepare for a major job he soon starts to wish he could have his old life back.


Episode 2

Tuesday 30 September 2014, 9pm

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Vince feels guilty about his involvement in the last job and tries to put things right, unaware of the impact it will have on Col.

Meanwhile, Ros becomes increasingly suspicious of Vince’s behaviour, and Vince finds his two worlds colliding.

In an attempt to piece his family back together Vince decides to visit his son, Tim, and make an emotional plea.


Episode 3

Tuesday 7 October 2014, 9pm

The police uncover new evidence which puts Vince in their sights.

As the gang prepare for a major job, Vince offers Col a way out, but for Vince everything is closing in.

Life as he knew it is over but can he find a way for him and his family to have a second chance, to start again?


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