‘The Escape Artist’ episode guide

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Set in the world of criminal law, the three-part series also stars Toby Kebbell (Black Mirror), Sophie Okonedo (Criminal Justice) and Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty).

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Tennant plays Will Burton, a talented junior barrister of peerless intellect and winning charm, who specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname – The Escape Artist.


Episode 1
Tuesday 29 October 2013, 9pm

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Much to the aggravation of his courtroom rival, Maggie Gardner, Will is in high demand, as he has never lost a case.

But when Will’s talents acquit Liam Foyle, who is standing trial for an horrific and high-profile murder, that courtroom brilliance comes back to bite him. Foyle walks free, but he is a serial killer. It’s only a matter of time until he finds his next victim. And, sure enough, he kills again.


Episode 2
Tuesday 5 November 2013, 9pm

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Liam Foyle is back in the dock and Will Burton’s courtroom nemesis, Maggie Gardner, is leading his defence. After years in Will’s shadow, Maggie is out to prove a point and will stop at nothing to win.

With no meaningful physical evidence, Will’s chambers need all the help they can get to guarantee Foyle’s prosecution. But their most brilliant legal brain is unable to help, as Will is the key witness in the trial.

Will must find a way to bolster the prosecution’s case without jeopardising the veracity of the trial, as Foyle continues to terrorise those close to Will.


Episode 3
Tuesday 12 November 2013, 9pm

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Maggie and Will go to even greater lengths to win the case, finding themselves ever closer to the dangerous and cunning Liam Foyle. Will is faced with the sickening prospect that Foyle may walk free.

The bloody and thrilling conclusion to The Escape Artist asks the question – what happens when law has been practised but no justice served? We see Will reject the profession that has sustained him all his adult life and seek the ultimate justice. But can he get away with it?

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