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Undercover comes to BBC One from Silk creator Peter Moffat.

The gripping new six-part thriller follows Maya (Sophie Okonedo), a spirited and passionate barrister who is about to become the first black Director of Public Prosecutions. But just as Maya’s life comes under intense public scrutiny, she discovers that Nick (Adrian Lester), her husband and the father of her children, has been lying to her for years. His web of lies threatens to destroy everything she’s worked so hard for – including and most importantly the case she’s based her entire career on.

Undercover tackles controversial and challenging issues that impact society on a global scale, with the narrative revealed over different time frames in both the US and UK – weaving a tale of corruption, betrayal, and miscarriages of justice.

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Episode 1

Sunday 3 April 2016, 9pm

For the past 20 years Maya Cobbina (Sophie Okonedo) has defended Rudy Jones (Dennis Haysbert), a man falsely imprisoned for murder. Today he is to be executed by lethal injection in Louisiana. Rudy’s parting words are “Go big” – he wants her to change the system that allows such injustices to occur.

With Rudy’s appeal ringing in her ears, Maya returns to London and discovers that she’s been pegged to take the role of Director of Public Prosecutions, a prominent position that might allow her to finally bring to justice the death of her friend Michael Antwi (Sope Dirisu), a charismatic anti-racism campaigner.

Maya’s husband Nick Johnson (Adrian Lester) is a man dedicated to his wife and children. When the hidden past threatens to destroy his world, to what lengths will he go to protect his family?


Episode 2

Sunday 10 April 2016, 9pm

As Maya (Sophie Okonedo) continues her fight to ‘Go big’, the establishment begins to fear the rigorous light she threatens to shine on areas they would prefer remained in the shadows.

Sickened by his act of betrayal, Nick (Adrian Lester) can only reflect on the actions that led him to this point. A flashback reveals Nick in 1996 as a fearless undercover officer. When his hard work is undermined by a radical young lawyer, Nick is furious. On his next assignment, spying on an anti-racist organisation at a seemingly peaceful march, he finds himself face to face with the lawyer, Maya.

The march gets out of hand and Michael Antwi (Sope Dirisu) is attacked in a ferocious fight. Nick’s feelings for Maya develop and he struggles to keep the professional and the personal separate, questioning his own beliefs, as a black man within the police force.


Episode 3

Sunday 17 April 2016, 9pm

A mystery witness makes contact with Maya, forcing her to re-examine everything she thought she knew about the Michael Antwi case. What has she missed? Maya must put the past to one side in order to fight the US authorities, but her return brings a disappointment and a revelation that will rock her marriage to the core.

Nick (Adrian Lester) is thrown sideways when a ghost from his past approaches him. Faced with the possibility that his secret life is going to be blown open, Nick makes a fateful decision to protect his family.

Meanwhile, in a 1996 flashback, the efforts of Maya’s journalist best friend to shine a light on the Antwi story are thwarted, illuminating the lengths to which the establishment will go to protect their own.


Episode 4

Sunday 24 April 2016, 9pm

Terrified that Maya might be close to discovering his secret, Nick controls the situation with a devastating lie.

Taking solace in work, Maya continues to search for the witness. What had Maya missed all those years ago? Far from shining a light on the case, her investigation leads to a shocking fact that forces her personal and professional life to collide. Maya makes a call she knows might change her life forever. Who is her husband?

Meanwhile, Julia stumbles across a story that seems more than a coincidence, and begins to dig deeper into the background of a mystery woman. Despite her efforts, she falls short – who was she and why is she so hard to track down?


Episode 5

Sunday 1 May 2016, 9pm

As Maya (Sophie Okonedo) continues to fight the US authorities, all seems lost until new evidence emerges which might prove Rudy’s innocence once and for all. Spurred on to discover the truth, Maya must go bigger – but is it too late?

Nick’s (Adrian Lester) secret is threatened by someone close and he can only watch as a vital bit of intelligence is revealed that could destroy Maya’s work. Is there any way back for the family?

Elsewhere, Julia (Angel Coulby) and Brady (David Schofield) dig deeper and uncover the truth about Nick. Just how deep into the establishment has the conspiracy spread?


Episode 6

Sunday 8 May 2016, 9pm

Following the death of Rudy’s alibi witness, Maya’s case is in tatters and her cards seem all played out.

Can she find the strength for the final fight and change the course of US Justice?

And what does that mean in her fight to ‘go big’? Meanwhile, Nick attempts a final shot at redemption.


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