‘Wizards vs Aliens’: Series 1 episode guide

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Launching on CBBC this autumn, Wizards Vs Aliens is the thrilling new action adventure drama from Russell T Davies (Doctor Who) and Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures).

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The ultimate battle of magic versus science is about to commence. The Nekross are a race of aliens who feed on magic, and having travelled from planet to planet draining every drop, they’re orbiting Earth to do battle with its wizards for the last remaining magic in the universe. And there’s just one 16 year-old boy who can stop them…

Tom (Scott Haran) is a wizard; his family are wizards on his mum’s side. He lives with his unenchanted dad Michael (Michael Higgs) and his very enchanted grandma Ursula (Annette Badland). Their magical powers are a secret of the highest order. As is the entrance to the family Chamber of Mysteries, helpfully disguised as the downstairs loo.

A secret, that is, until a school trip goes horribly wrong and Tom is forced to reveal his magic to Benny (Percelle Ascott) the school science geek. Benny doesn’t believe in magic. Tom doesn’t believe in aliens. They are both wrong! They soon realise that together they make the perfect team and learn to combine their skills in magic and science in each battle against the Nekross.


Episode 1: ‘Dawn Of The Nekross’ (Part One)
Monday 29 October 2012

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Tom Clarke is hiding a secret – he’s a schoolboy wizard! But when the magic-eating alien Nekross arrive on Earth, a battle for survival begins. Tom must use his magical powers to protect his family – but only the school geek, Benny, can help him against the plans of the terrifying Nekross King.


Episode 2: ‘Dawn Of The Nekross’ (Part Two)
Tuesday 30 October 2012

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With his Gran trapped in outer space, Tom and Benny must dare to go inside the mystical Chamber to ask the mysterious Randal Moon for help. But with time running out for Ursula, and Tom’s dad joining the fight, can even a magical hobgoblin fight an enemy from beyond the Earth?


Episode 3: ‘Grazlax Attacks’ (Part One)
Monday 5 November 2012

Tom’s quiet Saturday at Benny’s house becomes a thrilling fight for their lives when the vicious alien Grazlax hunts them down. The two boys must learn to fight together, combining Tom’s magic with Benny’s science, or the Nekross’s savage pet will succeed – and devour them!


Episode 4: ‘Grazlax Attacks’ (Part Two)
Tuesday 6 November 2012

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In  the Grazlax is out of control! But Tom’s used up all of his magic, and Benny’s scientific genius is useless against a creature from beyond the stars. It’s a race against time for both humans and Nekross, as the Grazlax menace grows – but will stopping the rampage leave any survivors at all?


Episode 5: ‘Rebel Magic’ (Part One)
Monday 12 November 2012

When Tom meets another wizard called Jackson Hawke, he can’t resist dabbling in dangerous magic. Benny tries to warn him, to no avail, but all three lads are unaware of the Nekross getting closer and closer – and this time, alien Prince Varg is determined to make it personal.


Episode 6: ‘Rebel Magic’ (Part Two)
Tuesday 13 November 2012

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Tom and Jackson take the fight to the Nekross, but their forbidden Grim Magic is taking its toll on Tom. Only Benny can help his best friend – but he’s been enchanted. Tom’s Dad and Gran Ursula fight to reach Tom in time, but dawn is rising, and the final confrontation is about to begin…


Episode 7: ‘Friend Or Foe’ (Part One)
Monday 19 November 2012

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Lexi adopts human form and transports to Earth, with one aim – to capture Tom Clarke. But both are unaware that a greater enemy is watching – scheming billionaire Stephanie Gaunt is determined to prove the existence of magic, and nothing can stand in her way.


Episode 8: ‘Friend Or Foe’ (Part One)
Tuesday 20 November 2012

With Tom and Lexi held prisoner by Gaunt, the wizards and aliens must learn to work together, but is the alliance doomed to fail? As Benny faces the terror of the Brain Scrape, Gaunt’s plans begin to escalate – with magic and Nekross technology combined, she can rule the world!


Episode 9: ‘The Fall of the Nekross’ (Part One)
Monday 20November 2012

Benny launches an attack on the Nekross ship. The schoolboy genius uses all the computers on Earth against the aliens, and the starship Zarantulus is stricken. But soon the plan runs out of control, with terrifying consequences for both wizards and aliens alike.


Episode 10: ‘The Fall of the Nekross’ (Part Two)
Tuesday 27 November 2012

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Time is running out for the Nekross, while on Earth, the wizards fall apart – Ursula plans radical action against Benny, while Tom realises that the solution might lie with the ancient and mysterious Stones of Burnt Hill. But if helping Benny means saving his enemy, what choice will Tom make?


Episode 11: ‘The Last Day’ (Part One)
Monday 3 December 2012

While the Nekross advance their Master Plan in secret, Tom is haunted by dreams of his childhood. And when he tries to have a normal life by going on a date with Katie, he suddenly sees someone from his past, and discovers the impossible has happened. His entire life will never be the same again…


Episode 12: ‘The Last Day’ (Part Two)
Tuesday 4 December 2012

With a powerful new ally by his side, Tom must bring his entire family together with Benny to destroy the Nekross Master Plan, before the whole of the Earth is changed forever. But are they strong enough to stop the Nekross? And in order to save the world, how much will Tom have to lose?


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