‘Youngers’ Series 2 episode guide

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Teen comedy-drama Youngers returns to E4 for a new eight-part series this summer.


Episode 1: ‘Divided Ain’t Cool’

Wednesday 7 May 2014, 7.30pm

In the months since the Youngers’ fallout at the Avengerz Krew concert, Jay (Calvin Demba) has discovered an impressive new dedication to his music and is now recording tracks with producer friend Leon (Leon Tennant).

Yemi (Ade Oyefeso) has become the leader of his church’s youth choir and Davina (Shavani Seth), who is building the courage to stand on her own two feet, attends an open audition. But when her audition is hijacked by a hotshot rap act, the Bad Breeds, she walks out vowing to make it alone.

Following a fight at Bang’s (Jay Brown) party that night, Yemi lets Jay borrow a t-shirt at his place. They then see that Davina has posted a new solo track on her Twitter feed and decide that maybe they should go back to being a duo.


Episode 2: ‘Big Lady Business’

Wednesday 14 May 2014, 7.30pm

Desperate to afford time in the recording studio to lay down new material, Davina takes a job at the local gym.

Jay and Yemi apologise to Ashley for their past foolishness and propose they give things another go, but Ashley makes it clear he’s moved on and believes the Bad Breeds have something special.

But DQ is still only interested in what the three-piece Youngers have to offer, so following an incident with Marlon, Ashley tracks down Jay and Yemi to let them know that if they can lure Davina back, they have a shot at getting signed.


Episode 3: ‘This Is Where the Magic Happens’

Wednesday 21 May 2014, 7.30pm

Ashley promises DQ some new Youngers material, forcing The Youngers to produce a new track on a deadline, but they are feeling the strain of working together again.

And Ashley comes face to face with a shady old friend who could be the answer to his problems.


Episode 4: ‘Professional Problems’

Wednesday 28 May 2014, 7.30pm

Ashley has lined up the first paid gig for the Youngers and the Bad Breeds for a very special client. It’s Harry’s birthday party and his father Vince, who is interested in signing the group, is the head of the record company.

Following a phone call from Uncle Errol, Ashley has to rush off to the hospital. And in his absence, the Youngers’ performance is spoilt by MC Mar-Lon, who starts a massive food fight that quickly gets out of control.


Episode 5: ‘Links’

Wednesday 4 June 2014, 7.30pm

Burnt by Vince’s stinging feedback, Yemi chaperones the Pastor’s daughter around Peckham but has no idea what he’s let himself in for.

Meanwhile, Davina has given in and agrees to go on a date with MC Mar-Lon. Jay, feeling left out, hooks up with former flame Marissa.


Episode 6: ‘What Happened to Keeping It Real?’

Wednesday 11 June 2014, 7.30pm

With a new baby to look after, Ashley is determined to do whatever it takes to secure a record deal. Jay becomes insecure watching Davina and Mar-Lon get closer. And Bangs’ track, produced by Yemi, becomes an unexpected hit around town.

Jodie is now acting as Bangs’ agent, but when Ashley gathers the Youngers and Bad Breeds to record a joint track, chaos erupts in the studio.


Episode 7: ‘Hotter Than the Sun’

Wednesday 18 June 2014, 7.30pm

While Ashley appears to be solely focused on Bangs, whose track has gone big, Davina is devoting all her time to Mar-Lon.

Yemi is totally caught up with Abena, so Jay decides to take matters into his own hands.


Episode 8: ‘Hook of Revelations’

Wednesday 25 June 2014, 7.30pm

The final episode of Series 2 sees the Youngers, Bad Breeds and Bangs due to perform at the opening party for Benny’s studio. But Mar-Lon and Jay compete for Davina’s affections and put each other at risk.

Yemi’s mum threatens to break up his relationship with Abena, and Benny has some unsettling news for them all.


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