‘Atlantis’: ‘White Lies’ teasers

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When a clandestine messenger brings unexpected news from outside the city, Ariadne calls on Jason and his friends to help guide her to the source. Yet leaving the citadel without raising the suspicions of the Queen seems an insurmountable task, especially with the revelation that it is Ariadne’s exiled brother Therus who has sent for her.

Episode 5 airs at 8.15pm on Saturday 26 October on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “For whom do you make an offering?”

» “The images I see are not always clear.”

» “I am not inclined to converse with thieves.”

» “That’s royalty for you, they don’t think about anyone but themselves.”

» “With Therus gone, you are more precious to me than ever.”

» “I admire your courage. A lesser man would have broken by now.”

» “Mislead me again and I shall determine your fate for you.”

» “Do not fail me, my friend.”

» “Where I go, he goes.”

» “Really, Pythagoras? Do I have to explain with diagrams?”

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