‘Beaver Falls’: Episode 3 teasers

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In the third episode of E4’s new homegrown drama, it’s Parents’ Day – a chance for the folks to visit their precious kids and for Bobby and Pam to tap them for donations. Meanwhile, A-Rab has girl trouble.

Beaver Falls follows Flynn (Samuel Roberston), A-Rab (Arsher Ali) and Barry (John Dagleish); three British chancers, fresh out of uni and determined to have one last summer of irresponsibility before they face the real world.

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Episode 3 airs at 9pm on Wednesday 10th August. Here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘Your first ever one night stand!’

» ‘Shit! I knew there was something I was meant to do before I left!’

» ‘They may take our club house, but they’ll never take our freedom.’

» ‘It’s softball. Cricket for girls. How hard can it be?’

» ‘You’re fat. You’re pompous. You need all the help you can get.’

» ‘So, what? Is she like some angry lesbian cheerleader?’

» ‘Try and stop me, I’ll tell everyone you touched me in my swimsuit area.’

» ‘I can’t do jail. I’m too pretty.’

» ‘I’m. Not. Scared. Of. You.’

» ‘It’s been great having you on the show. Take care.’