‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 5 teasers

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In the next episode of Being Human, George stumbles across someone he never thought he’d see again. He meets Herrick, the most chilling and dangerous of the vampires – who he tore to shreds and killed months ago.

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‘The Longest Day’ airs at 9pm on Sunday 20th February on BBC Three. Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

“This isn’t possible. This can’t be possible, but it’s him. It’s definitely him. Is it him, Mitchell?”

“Social Services. It’s gotta be. She looks knackered, and she has terrible hair.”

► “What? You think he’s all cured? You think he’s all better now? He’s bluffing! Why can’t you people see that?”

► “And that noise he made. He was so scared. It was so horrible. It was so… human.”

“Just now, in the kitchen. You agreed to murder.”

“I’ve been told that I’m gonna get got. I don’t know when, but one full moon, a werewolf is going to kill me. And I’m not willing to accept that.”

“Don’t you look ugly when you’re crying?”

“I think there’s a poison in you that has nothing to do with being a vampire.”

“You’re like a drug-addict: ‘One more hit, and then I’ll be done’.”

“I will turn my back on you. I will wipe you from my memory, and I will never mention your name again… It will be as if we’ve never met.”