‘Blackout’: Episode 3 teasers

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In the final episode of BBC One’s compelling new thriller, Blackout, beleaguered mayor Daniel Demoys (Christopher Eccleston) faces a dreadful dilemma: does he confront the dark forces within the council and their corporate paymasters, risking his family’s safety, or does he play their game and live with the consequences?

Elsewhere, Ruth makes a shocking discovery, while Sylvie is forced to face up to the realities of her life.

Episode 3 airs at 9pm on Monday 16th July on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘What you do, Mr Mayor, is what you’re told, by the people who own you.’

» ‘Every crisis is an opportunity.’

» ‘The people of the city gave me the power. Now I’m giving it away.’

» ‘When an alcoholic stops drinking, things tend to get worse.’

» ‘My brain is screaming: Get out or this place will kill you.’

» ‘Bloody hell, are you back on the sauce?’

» ‘You’re a skid-mark, Bevan.’

» ‘You’ve got rats in your house, Mr Mayor.’

» ‘You may not go to prison, but I hope you go to hell.’

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