‘Doctor Who’: ‘A Town Called Mercy’ teasers

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Doctor Who‘s new series continues next weekend with A Town Called Mercy.

The Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun!), and finds himself the reluctant Sheriff of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg, who goes by the name of the Gunslinger. But who is he and what does he want?

A Town Called Mercy airs at 7.35pm on Saturday 15th September on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “When I was a child my favourite story was about a man who lived forever.”

» “We’re like buses.”

» “Why would he want to kill you? Unless he’s met you…”

» “They could build a spaceship out of tupperware and moss.”

» “He wants you to respect his life choices.”

» “Oi! Don’t swear!”

» “Welcome to my world.”

» “Thank the Gods my people weren’t relying on you to save them.”

» “You see now, why I fear death?”

» “Susan!”

» “He’s not following the plan.”

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