‘Hustle’: Series 8 Episode 2 teasers

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Mickey Bricks and his team of highly skilled conmen are back for the last ever series of Hustle.

In this week’s episode, directed by Adrian Lester, the team learns that a valuable Picasso has been stolen and sees the perfect opportunity for a con. However, a sticky situation arises when they unwittingly try to sell a fake of the painting to the original owner; a faux pas that results in Mickey being kidnapped with only a few hours for the team to return the genuine piece…

Episode 2 airs at 9pm on Friday 20th January on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “Mickey’s a dead man.”

» “Do I look like Huggie Bear?”

» “Well, we could knock on the door, say ‘Och-aye-the-noo’ and ask them if they’ve just nicked a Picasso.”

» “Who would be stupid enough to break into a house in broad daylight when everyone’s at home?”

» “Police! Open up!”

» “It’s flaming cat in the whatsit.”

» “You touched my Mabel.”

» “Please Miss, he’s nicked my painting.”

» “We made the London special branch look like the Keystone Kops!”

» “Me and my brother Neil here would defend ourselves the best we could, by ripping your head from your body and eating it.”

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