‘Jonathan Creek’: ‘The Letters Of Septimus Noone’ teasers

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In the first episode of Series 5, when a classic locked room novel is turned into a West End musical, one of its stars falls victim to a real-life ‘impossible crime’.

The Mystery of the Yellow Room, based on a 19th-century story by Gaston Leroux, is currently thrilling London theatre audiences with its enticing blend of music, romance and sizzling Gothic melodrama. But events take a sinister turn one night when the show’s glamorous singing sensation Juno Pirelli is found horribly stabbed inside a locked dressing room, from which no assailant could possibly have escaped. No weapon or any other evidence of an intruder can be found, nor any rational explanation for the victim’s wounds.

‘The Letters Of Septimus Noone’ airs at 9pm on Friday 28 February on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are some teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…


» ‘I sometimes wonder, Jonathan, exactly what I married. Free admission for life to The Twilight Zone?!’

» ‘You might have known the man would try and bite you in the neck!’

» ‘Last Tuesday, it was awful… her imaginary friend died.’

» ‘Please don’t say it; not a bloody impossible crime…’

» ‘Why would she go in the stable now, which she presumably thinks is swimming with horses’ blood?’

» ‘It would be nice to live in the real world now.’

» ‘He died at least 3 years before those love letters were written.’

» ‘They were out together playing in the garden when this dragon came down and just completely burnt her alive.’

» ‘What’s that about the torch being passed to the new generation? I think I may just be getting very old…’


> Buy the complete series boxset on Amazon.

Watch the trailer for the 2010 special…

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