‘Mad Men’: ‘Lady Lazarus’ teasers

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The fifth season of Mad Men continues in the UK next week, chronicling the lives of a bunch of sharp-suited, savvy-minded Madison Avenue ad men and their colleagues, wives, girlfriends and mistresses in 1960s New York.

Lady Lazarus airs at 9pm on Tuesday 8th May on Sky Atlantic. To whet your appetite, here are some teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “You know what a new tie means?”

» “Turn it off, it’s stabbing me in the fucking heart!”

» “When did music become so important?”

» “Is it harder to lie to me now that you know me?”

» “Pizza house!”

» “Head of desserts? Please tell me he’s 300 pounds.”

» “Just taste it!”

» “Do they explode?”

» “Don’t put me in that position again! I cannot lie to him!”

» “Jane wanted a baby, but I thought ‘why do that to somebody?’”

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