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‘Misfits’ last ever episode teasers

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Still upset at the way Rudy treated her, Jess seeks comfort elsewhere; however, she soon discovers that her companion has a terrifying power that threatens her very existence. Meanwhile, Rudy’s alter ego discovers that Helen, Karen (Kate Bracken) and Sam (Michael Winder) aren’t quite the superheroes he expected them to be.

Episode 8 is available to watch right now on 4OD and airs at 10pm on Wednesday 11 December on E4. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘You had a chance to do something positive. You had a chance to give something back, to help people, to really make a difference to their lives. You failed. Dismally.’

» ‘It’s a superhero lair!’

» ‘This is what happens when you base your future around a jumper, for god’s sake. Frigging knitwear!’

» ‘I like the idea of being a nurse…or a shepherd’

» ‘The Hulk’d do this: RAARRRRR! RAAAAARRRR!’

» ‘You just vanished. We searched everywhere. We thought you were dead. None of us have seen you in over a year.’

» ‘It’s amazing to think that came out of Jess’s twat.’

» ‘I deliberately pissed myself.’

» ‘You’re a trainee probation worker?’

» ‘Take me back. I want you to take me back in time! You fix this!’

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