‘Outcasts’: Episode 2 teasers

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In the second episode of BBC One’s new space drama Outcasts, reports of a survival shuttle landing far outside the settlement, possibly with Stella’s daughter, Lily, on board, reaches Forthaven.

Episode 2 airs at 9pm on Tuesday 8th February. Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

“What do you do to get high round here?”

“I had an experience on the transporter, I… saw something.”

“Okay, chaps. On the count of three: knuckles lifted and tongues back in mouths.”

“We didn’t kill your children, but something else did. How do you know it’s not still here watching you? How do you know it won’t attack you again?”

“Allegations have been made about the transporter’s final minutes, it’s my job to investigate.”

“Sadly, in those chaotic days before departure, money and influence spoke louder than brilliance.”

“You have an interest in the minds of young people? Only their minds?”

“My mother died in that fireworks display.”

“I know what I want… I want revenge.”

“I never said execute him, that was never part of the deal.”