‘Sinbad’: Episode 12 teasers

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Epic fantasy drama Sinbad concludes this weekend and only one loved one will make it out of the Land of the Dead – and, even then, they’re not quite who they seem to be.

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Episode 12 airs at 7pm on Sunday 23rd September on Sky1. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “How did you know?” – “I didn’t. I just had a feeling.”

» “Last chance to turn back then.”

» “Young man, a word of advice; alcohol and the midday sun are not a good combination.”

» “What trap have you led us into?”

» “You step out of line and I won’t hesitate to run a sword through you.”

» “I knew it must be trouble.” – “Yeah, and trouble means Sinbad.”

» “It’s fine, I’m a doctor.” – “A student doctor.”

» “Thank you, Sinbad of Basra.”

» “I’ve never seen it get dark here before, that’s probably not a good sign.”

» “You used to be terrified of that sort of thing.” – “Well, you were a bad influence.”

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