‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 8 teasers

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In next week’s Skins, it’s the day of Rich and Grace’s wedding, and the gang are pulling together for the happy couple. But with Alo as best man, it’s no surprise that they run into trouble and become separated in the wilds of Somerset.

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We’ve picked out ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode, which airs at 10pm on Thursday 17th March on E4…

► “Stay away from Frankie today.”

“I look like…” – “…Justin Bieber?”

“Let’s get these fuckers to the slaughter.”

“I thought we discussed the Matthew situation?”

“Guys, she’s dead…”

“Farm boy, what the fuck?”

“He just wants to fuck you and then fuck you up.”

“Save yourself and leave me to the bears!”

“Your girl-crush is so blatant.”

“Get off me. Get off me!”