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‘The Hour’: Episode 6 teasers

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Taking viewers behind the scenes of a 1956 broadcast news room, Abi Morgan’s new drama series The Hour concludes with its sixfth episode next week.

Airing at 9pm on Tuesday 23rd August, Episode 6 sees Bel determined that the BBC’s commitment to impartiality means they cover both the arguments for and against the war in Egypt but McCain and Douglas have other ideas. Meanwhile, Freddie grapples with what to do with Clarence’s information.

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Here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘If we use the word ‘collusion’, even in a sketch, then that’s treason, isn’t it?’

» ‘Oi! Billy Wilder! Where do you want this?’

» ‘Moneypenny, whatever happens tonight, we mustn’t regret a minute of it.’

» ‘Is he bottling it?’

» ‘Nothing like rearranging the deckchairs as that hole starts to tip.’

» ‘You know they put donkeys in with racehorses to calm them down…’

» ‘Is that how it works? Am I being signed off?’

» ‘Stop it! Bring the lights down if you have to. Now!’

» ‘Did you kill her? Did you murder Ruth Elms?’

» ‘So – this is the BBC. Where do you want me?’