Doctor Who: Once and Future 3: A Genius for War Special Edition cover art

Doctor Who – Once and Future: A Genius for War audio review

The third instalment of Big Finish’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary series is Once and Future: A Genius for War. It’s a rematch for the Seventh Doctor and Davros – but will there be unlimited rice pudding for all? For Once and Future’s third story, we find the degenerating Doctor – in his seventh incarnation – … >

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Doctor Who: Once and Future 3: A Genius for War cover art (crop)

Doctor Who – Once and Future 3 released (updated)

Once and Future 3 – ‘A Genius for War’ brings the Doctor face to face with an old enemy. Updated 20/07/23: Davros plays chess! To celebrate the release of the third instalment of Once and Future, the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary audio series, audio producers Big Finish have provided another video trailer. Again echoing ‘The Five Doctors’, … >

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Gallifrey: War Room 1 – Allegiance audio review

War Room is the latest iteration of Gallifrey, chronicling the events of Doctor Who‘s Time War.  As the last boxset of Gallifrey: Time War wrapped up, it left our heroes in desperate straits. With the resurrected Rassilon dominant, in the form of the belligerent Richard Armitage, attempts at resistance crumbled. Romana was captured and consigned … >

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Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor: Time War 4 cover art

The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume 4 – Doctor Who audio review

The Eighth Doctor: Time War Volume 4 – with the Daleks defeated and the Time War apparently over, this latest boxset picks up where The War Valeyard left us, following the Doctor and Bliss through an interdimensional portal on the trail of the scheming Dalek Time Strategist. Palindrome In a temporal puzzle box of a … >

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‘Jonathan Creek’ special review: ‘Daemons’ Roost’ is the best the show’s been in years

[To the tune of the show’s ‘Danse Macabre’ title sequence…] ‘Jonathan Creek, Jonathan Creek; In recent years his show has been quite weak. The quality’s begun to leak; Is this one much better? Let’s take a peek…’ Well, Jonathan Creek‘s 2016 Christmas special, ‘Daemon’s Roost’, is neither festive, nor particularly special but it is the … >

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‘Jonathan Creek’ first look: Alan Davies returns in new special ‘Daemons’ Roost’

The BBC has released the first promotional image for the upcoming Jonathan Creek Christmas special. Titled ‘Daemons’ Roost’, the brand new 90-minute episode began filming in August. Written by series creator David Renwick, the festive special sees Alan Davies return as Creek, alongside Sarah Alexander (The Worst Week Of My Life) as his wife, Polly. Buy … >

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