‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’: ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There (Part 2)’ teasers

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The fifth and final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures concludes on CBBC tomorrow with the second part of The Man Who Wasn’t There.

The full extent of Harrison’s evil plans is revealed, but Sarah Jane, Luke and Sky are imprisoned in the basement with the Scullions. Can Clyde and Rani – with the assistance of Mr Smith – save the day before everyone in the entire world becomes a serf to the Serfboard?

The Man Who Wasn’t There (Part 2) airs at 5.15pm on Tuesday 18th October on CBBC. In the meantime, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘‘Oh, Mr Harrison… this isn’t exactly a new experience for me.’

» ‘I’m walking out now. You won’t stop me.’

» ‘Don’t play with it!’

» ‘Welcome to the club – I’ve had seven phones in the last two years.’

» ‘Trevor? Do I look like a Trevor?’

» ‘Lipstick that bites – how very interesting.’

» ‘There’s a black market in alien species if you know where to look.’

» ‘Read my lips, Pollyanna: I don’t care!’

» ‘Adriana, you’ve just restored my faith in the human race.’

» ‘The cavalry’s coming – and it’s me and the missus.’

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