‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 4 teasers

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The fourth episode of Torchwood‘s new 10-part fourth series sees the fight against PhiCorp take the Torchwood team to California, where a trap is waiting, while Oswald and Jilly find themselves with an enemy of their own.

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Written by Jim Gray and John Shiban, ‘Escape To L.A.’ airs in the UK at 9pm on Thursday 4th August on BBC One and in the US at 10pm on Friday 29th July on Starz.

Here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “They are everywhere. They are always. They are no one. They have been waiting for such a long time.”

» “What’s the deal with you? Do you make everyone around you gay?”

» “How wonderful it is to meet someone who is mortal…”

» “Who is above PhiCorp? Who owns them?”

» “It’s kids’ stuff. Torchwood keeps treating this like it’s a game.”

» “Whoever wears heels to work is heroic. Why do women wear these things?”

» “My name’s John Smith.”

» “You’re very special to them Jack, they tell me that. But I hear rumours of miracles yet to come.”

» “What did you give them so long ago?”

» “You’re the Doctor.”