‘The Great Train Robbery’: ‘A Copper’s Tale’ review

Shouldn’t Jim Broadbent have been classed as a National Treasure by now? Kept in The Tower of London with the Crown and whatnot, only to be released so that he can appear in top quality drama? Broadbent is, and always has been, the big birthday cake of drama – seeing him at once both excites and reassures. You know you’re in for something special.

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‘The Great Train Robbery’: ‘A Robber’s Tale’ review

It wasn’t always called ‘The Great Train Robbery’, but history has a way of swaddling itself in mythology.

Back in 1963 it was known as ‘The Cheddington Mail Van Raid’. And in the same way as that title removes any notion of excitement and romanticism from the act, so Chris Chibnall’s A Robber’s Tale strips away the mythology that has crystallised around the greatest folkloric tale in British larceny and presents us with the facts (or as close to them) of what was a train robbery that time wrongly mythologised into something ‘Great’.

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‘Bedlam’: Series 2 finale review

As Bedlam’s second series draws to a close, it’s all about tying up loose ends and gluing together important plot points from the first series and from earlier episodes in this year’s run.

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